There are a ton of Contraptions players can build and use in Breakwaters. Each Contraption will also have a unique purpose and use in the game and will need to be unlocked by building an item before it is in its crafting tree.

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Along with unlocking requirements, All Contraptions will also require several variants of resources found throughout the game. That said, if you want to know either what a Contraption is for or how to make it, you will find everything to know below. Here’s the full list of all Crafted Contraptions in Breakwaters.

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ItemResource RequirementWhat is it For?How to unlock it
Builder’s Bench 8 Seagrass, and 10 Tree Branches.To make basic early game items.No unlock requirement
Forge1 Firepit, 5 Redstone.To craft weapons, equipment, and various contraptions.No unlock requirement
Crystal Bench8 Seagrass, 2 Polished Blue Crystal, 8 Pine Log, 1 Unobtainum.To upgrade equipment using crystals.No unlock requirement
Boat Dock 45 Wood Plank, 32 Nails, 6 Tree Sap.To make boats in Breakwaters.Refinery
Cooking Bench10 Seagrass, 5 Pine Log, 4 Steel Metal, 2 Glass Bottles.To make cooking recipes in Breakwaters.Forge
Firepit4 Redstone.To make certain foods.No unlock requirement
Roasting Pit6 Pine Log, 5 Seagrass, 5 Redstone.Cooks food and can cook multiple items.No unlock requirement
Grilling Table 6 Pine Log, 5 Seagrass, 5 Redstone. 1 Unobtainum.Cooking station that can be powered by water.Game progress requirement
Solar Still10 Sticks, 1 Green Jelly Skin, 5 Redstone.Station that allows you to fill water bottles.No unlock requirement
Water Pipe1 Bamboo, 2 Sticks.Moves water around in the game. Solar Still
Water Junction3 Bamboo, 2 Pine Logs, 2 Redstone.Splits water system into two parts Solar Still
Water Pimp1 Yellow Crystal, 1 Blue Crystal, 5 Redstone, 3 Pine Logs.Pumps and filters water when placed in water. Solar Still
Above Water Sensor2 Blue Shards, 2 Fire Coral, 1 Bamboo.Detects when water is above the sensors Solar Still
Below Water Sensor 2 Yellow Shards, 2 Fire Coral, 1 Bamboo. Detects when water is below the sensors Solar Still
Sensor Pipe1 Bamboo, 4 SticksMoves air around. Solar Still
Sensor Junction 3 Bamboo, 2 Pine Logs, 2 Red stonesSplits air in two directions. Solar Still
Water Barrel5 Pine Wood Planks, 2 Tree Sap, 2 Steel Metal, 1 UnobatiniumHolds clean drinking waterGame progress requirement
Hammock15 Seagrass, 4 Tree Branch.A place to both rest and heal health. No unlock requirement
Picnic Table 15 Seagrass, 14 Pine Logs. A place to both eat and heal health. Hammock
Bed8 Seagrass, 8 Wood Planks, 5 Chicken Feather A place to both rest and heal health. Picnic Table
Wood Crate10 Tree Branches, 2 SeagrassStores items up to 6 slotsNo unlock requirement
Steel Crate 10 Tree Branches, 2 Steel Metal Stores items up to 12 slotsNo unlock requirement
Black Metal Crate10 Tree Branches, 2 Black Metal Stores items up to 18 slots Steel Crate
Tiki Torch2 Tree Branches, 2 Seagrass, 4 Pig Poop, 2 Tree SapLight SourceNo unlock requirement
Firefly Tiki Torch3 Tree Branches, 5 Seagrass, 1 Firefly BottleLight Source that also scares wild animals away Tiki Torch
Tiki Torch Crystal4 Tree Branches, 5 Seagrass, 5 Yellow shards, 1 Empty Bottle Light Source that also pushes water away Firefly Tiki Torch
SpikeTrap10 Bamboo, 5 Iron Ore, 24 Seagrass, 1 UnobatiniumA trap that damages enemies in the game. No unlock requirement
Wooden Sign4 Bamboo, 1 Iron Ore, 2 Seagrass, 1 UnobatiniumA sign that lets players write messages on it. No unlock requirement
Flower Pot1 Redstone 1 Clump of DirtPot for growing flowers No unlock requirement

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