Turbo Golf Racing features rocket-powered vehicles you use to play golf. Learning how to control your car is important, but so are Cores. These are power-ups you can use as you play. You can equip one Passive Core and one Ability Core.

Using the right Cores can change how you play and give you an advantage over your competition. We have compiled a list of all Cores in Turbo Golf Racing, how to unlock them, and the best choices below.

  • Gravitate: Pulls the ball towards your car.
  • Power Blast: Use to hit the ball from range.
  • Roll: Ability to make the car roll forwards or sideways.
  • Pebble Skipper: Increases the ball bounciness.
  • Straight A: Removes spin from the ball.
  • Fitness ball: Larger ball.
  • Pinball: Smaller ball.
  • Fire Starter: 10% increased boost speed.
  • Double Dash: Dash twice while airborne.

Best Cores in Turbo Golf Racing

We recommend Gravitate, Double Dash, and Pebble Skipper for the best Cores in Turbo Golf Racing. These give you more mobility and ball control options that will come in handy as you put the ball down the course.

How to unlock all Cores in Turbo Golf Racing

  • Gravitate: Unlocked in the shop.
  • Power Blast: Play five games.
  • Roll: Unlocked in the shop.
  • Pebble Skipper: Unlocked in the shop.
  • Straight A: Hit 15 boost rings.
  • Fitness ball: Unlocked in the shop.
  • Pinball: Unlocked in the shop.
  • Fire Starter: Play three games.
  • Double Dash: Dash 100 times.

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