If you are new to playing Roblox Zenkai Origins, learning the controls can be a bit intimidating. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the controls for the game. Read below to see how you can better control your character in Zenkai Origins.

Basic Controls

  • Alt – Use this to Toggle Shift-Lock
  • M – Use this to open the Menu
  • J – Hit the J key to open Settings
  • V – Push this to Open the Quest List. Hit it again to close the Quest List

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Fighting & Travel Controls

  • C – Use C to Power Up Ki
  • E – Use this key to Ki Blast
  • F – Hit the F key to Block
  • G – Push the G key to use Transform 1
  • H – Use this key to use Transform 2
  • Q – Use this to both Dodge and Step Vanish
  • Z – The Z Key will allow you to Sense/Scouter
  • Left Click – Hit Left Click to use Basic Attack
  • Right Click – Hit Right Click to use Strong Attack
  • Spacebar – Use this to Jump
  • Spacebar x2 – Hit the spacebar twice quickly to fly and then again to stop flying
  • Shift – Use this to srpint (when not flying)
  • Shift – Hit Shift to Fly Up (when already flying)
  • Ctrl – Push the Ctrl key to Fly Down (when already flying)
  • Shift + WW – This combo can be used to activate Super Speed Flying

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