Evade is a great horror game on Roblox that mixes scary thrills with bits of humor, such as incorporating some recognizable memes. Team up with other players in various gamemodes in which you must run, hide, and evade the monsterous bots seeking to destroy you. You can use special items to help you survive the round and earn more points to purchase fun emotes and helpful boosts. The experience utilizes several different mechanics that make the game more immersive and challenging, such as crouching, reviving, and usable equipment. These are all the controls you need to know to get started and play like a pro.

How to equip/unequip your light in Evade

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To equip or unequip your light device, such as flashlight or lantern, press F. This will toggle your equipped light on or off. You can purchase and select which light you want to use in-game on the Equipment menu, then navigating to inventory.

How to use utility and items in Evade

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There are special usable items you can purchase on the main menu, Item Shop. These items can be used during matches to assist in your survival, such as a timer that tells when the round will end, colas that increase your running speed, communication devices, and radars that help you avoid the bots. To use these items press the numbers 1 and 2 on your keyboard and click on the item you want to use.

How to crouch and slide in Evade

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In some locations you may be able to hide from incoming bots or slide behind objects to avoid getting caught. To crouch press and hold C on your keyboard and release C to stand again. To slide, run in the direction you want to go and hold C. Sliding into doors can sometimes bash through them as well, allowing you to escape harmful situations.

How to revive players in Evade

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In order to win the round and stay alive, you will have to work together with you fellow players. When a bot catches someone they will be downed and require help from other players to be revived. You can revive someone by approaching their body and holding E until the bar is full. Sometimes you might not have time to completely revive someone if a bot is approaching. You can carry players to a safer spot by pressing Q on their body. Reviving is beneficial to survival and earns you some money each time.

How to whistle and emote in Evade

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Along with running, sliding, and hiding, you can also do some more fun things with your character such as whistling and emoting. You can make your character whistle by pressing T. Whistling is not only helpful to communicate your location to other players but might distract the bot long enough to allow another teammate to escape. To emote, you will need to equip one on the Equipment, Character menu and then press G in-game.

How to change player POV in Evade

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Evade can be played in two different POVs, either first-person or third-person. You will automatically be placed in first-person when joining the game, allowing for more frightening immersive experience. If you’d rather have a better view of your character and items, you can change your POV to third-person by pressing the O key.

How to open the leaderboard in Evade

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Every Roblox game has a leaderboard to allow players to check their scores or view who else is in the game. Evade’s leaderboard is a bit different. It not only allows you to view the other players in the game, but who is still alive or downed during a match. This will help you keep track of who needs to be revived or perhaps your better chances of winning. To open the leaderboard press and hold the tab key on your keyboard.

How to open the menu in Evade

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At any time during a match that you wish to exit the round or go back to the main menu, you can press the M key to open the menu. This will reveal a yes or no option to exit the game. Your character will automatically be reset and out of the current match when you press the yes option. The main menu is where you can choose the various game modes or buy and equip items.

These are all the basic controls for Evade that will allow you to survive and play like a pro. Stay alive and revive your teammates to earn money and points to purchase fun and helpful gear in the Equipment menu!

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