Project Star is a new game for Robox that has been highly anticipated. It is inspired by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, a popular anime. But like a lot of anime Roblox games, the controls aren’t explained very well.

Before you jump in and start playing, you will want to know how to play. One of the most important controls to know is M. This will give you access to your menu and where you can find a lot of information. You can look below for a list of controls in Roblox Project Star

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Project Star Controls

  • WASD – Movement Keys
  • Double Tap W, A, S, or D – Dash
  • ~ – Open inventory
  • Number Keys – Select an item in that inventory slot
  • M1 (Left-Click) – Basic Attack
  • Spacebar – Jump
  • C, Z, G, T, E, R – Abilities of your Stand (Varies based on what you have unlocked)
  • F – Block
  • Shift – Shift Lock/Camera Lock
  • Ctrl – Toggle Run (Stand still to stop running)
  • Alt – Pick up an item
  • Q – Summon your stand if you have one equipped
  • M – Open and close menu options
  • O – Zoom Camera Out
  • I – Zoom Camera In

There are a lot of controls to keep track of, but you will definitely want to make sure you know how to sprint so you can get around quicker. But now that you know how to play, you can dive into Roblox Project Star and have your own bizarre adventure.

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