Contracts and Public Events are an essential part of Call of Duty: Warzone Battle Royale. They help shape and maintain the flow of the match by engaging players. You can complete Contracts or take part in Events to earn cash, high-tier loot, XP, free rewards, and other game-changing elements.

Contracts are missions or challenges that you can complete within the given timeframe to earn a handsome payout. Here’s a list of all the Contracts available in Warzone Pacific, including the new ones:

  • Bounty – Eliminate the marked player. Their vicinity is highlighted on the map.
  • Big Game Bounty – Similar to the Bounty contract but the target has the highest kills in the lobby.
  • Supply Run – Reach the given objective (Buy Station) within a limited time.
  • Scavenger – Open three Supply Boxes. The crates will be marked on your map.
  • Most Wanted – Mark yourself as a high-value target. Players who kill you get rewarded. If you manage to survive, you earn redeployment for fallen teammates.
  • Recon – Securing the objective highlights the next circle on your map.
  • Supply Drop – A valuable crate will be dropped on the coordinates known only to your team. However, other teams can see and track the green smoke.
  • Top Secret – A random, high-risk, high-reward contracts.

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Public Events are randomized occurrences that take place across the map. Most of these are unpredictable and can drastically change the pace and outcome of the match. All Public Events in Warzone Pacific are listed below:

  • Loadout Drop Public Event – Free loadout drops for every squad.
  • Jailbreak – All dead players, including the ones in Gulag, redeploy on the map for free.
  • Fire Sale – Items at Buy Station cost way less.
  • Restock – All supply boxes are refreshed with new loot.
  • Resurgence – Dead players can respawn for free so long as a teammate is alive.
  • Cash Drops – Plunder Cash Drops with huge sums of money will spawn across Caldera.
  • Weapon Crates – Boxes similar to cash drops but with high-tier and legendary weapons.
  • Supply Choppers – Military helicopters spawn that can be shot down for cash, killstreaks, and more.
  • Juggernaut Drops – Crates with Juggernaut armor.

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