Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt is a Battle Royale game with a direct and simple looting mechanic. While weapons are necessary for combat, consumable items keep you in the fight for longer and are essential for survival. Here’s a list of all the consumables available in Bloodhunt.

Health Items

  • Blood Bag – Restores a huge amount of your health bar. Drink fresh blood instead to for full HP.
  • Blood Syringe – Use it to restore a small amount of health overtime. It’s far less consuming than the Blood Bag.
  • Armor – For added protection against all types of damage. It gives players a bonus 50 HP on top of their health bar. You can carry three of these in your inventory.

Ammunition Types

  • Crossbow Bolts – Used in Crossbows and Dual Crossbows. This ammo has an arc trajectory and slow velocity.
  • High Caliber Ammo – Used in Assault Rifles and Light Machine Guns, weapons that are mainly preferred in mid-long range combat.
  • Low Caliber Ammo – Used in Submachine Guns and Handguns, weapon classes that are dominant in close-mid range.
  • Shotgun Shells – The ammo type for Shotguns packs small pellets and is most effective in close range fights.
  • Precision Ammo – High-power rounds meant for long-extreme range. Sniper and Marksman Rifles use this ammo.

Special Items

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  • Red Gas Neutralizer – After using this item, you can stay in the Red Gas without taking damage. This is only effective for a limited duration.

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