There are a total of six extensive skill trees in Horizon Forbidden West for Aloy to invest in. These trees are named Warrior, Trapper, Hunter, Survivor, Infiltrator, and Machine Master. Each skill tree has a specific weapon type and fighting style that it enhances. We’ll break down each of these trees and what players need to know before investing in them.

Warrior Skill Tree

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The Warrior skill tree focuses on giving Aloy more melee attacks and enhanced skills with the warrior bow type. This tree offers a good amount of support to a player who wants to be in closer range with their enemies. Here are all the skills available in this tree.

  • Resonator Blast – Aloy’s spear energizes over time. Once fully charged she can use a charged attack to place an energy disc on her target. Players can then shoot this disc with an arrow before it disappears to deal extra damage.
  • Nora Warrior – Melee combo that knocks down small enemies and staggers larger machines.
  • Block Breaker – Melee combo that will break an enemy’s block.
  • Resonator Blast+ – Causes the Resonator Blast to charge quicker.
  • Melee Damage – Melee attacks will deal more damage.
  • Critical Strike+ – Critical Strikes deal more damage.
  • Energized Duration – Enemies will remain energized for longer.
  • Resonator Damage – Resonator Blast will now deal more damage.
  • Aerial Slash/Jump Off – Jump off of enemies to reposition and have a slowed bow shot.
  • Power Attack+ – Charged attacks deal more damage.
  • Spread Shot – Shoots a five arrow spread from the Warrior Bow.
  • Resonator Buildup – The Resonator Blast charges faster.
  • Melee Detonator – Fires a special arrow from a Warrior bow that will detonate when attacked through melee.
  • Burst Fire – Shoots three arrows in a burst from the Warrior bow.
  • Halfmoon Slash – Melee combo that closes in on enemies.
  • The Destroyer – Melee combo that is slow but deals extra damage.
  • Spinning Scythe – AOE melee spinning attack.
  • Melee Might – Valor Surge that increases Aloy’s melee damage for a short period of time.
  • Energy Surge – Melee combo that quickly energizes Aloy’s spear.

Trapper Skill Tree

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The Trapper skill, much like it sounds, focuses on giving Aloy boosts to her traps and tripwires. This includes an increase in the number she can put down at one point in time. On top of adding boons, it also adds skills specific to the tripcaster and ropecaster.

  • Quick Trapper – Places traps faster.
  • Skilled Salvager – Receive more resources when breaking down her traps.
  • Nimble Crafter – Set traps slightly faster.
  • Trap Limit – Increases the number of traps that can be set.
  • Resilient Trapper – Aloy is more resistant to the damage of her own traps.
  • Elemental Fury – Valor Surge that increases elemental effects.
  • Food Duration – The effect of food will last longer.
  • Quick Wire – Instead of placing each end of a tripwire individually, players can activate this skill to place and automatic tripwire.
  • Penetrating Rope – The ropecaster can now connect to any part of a creature, including armored parts of a machine without being charged up.
  • Trap Specialist – Valor Surge that makes traps more powerful.

Hunter Skill Tree

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The Hunter skill tree focuses on enabling Aloy to deal more damage from afar with the Boltblaster and Hunter bows. This is one of the most necessary skill trees across playstyles within Horizon Forbidden West. These abilities will push Aloy to become the best archer around.

  • Concentration+ – Increases concentration time.
  • Deep Concentration – Concentration depletes slower.
  • Concentration Regen – Concentration regenerates faster.
  • High Volley – Hunter bow fires arrows into the air to rain down on the target for a short period of time.
  • Spread Blast – Boltblaster shoots eight bolts in a spread.
  • Valor Surge Master – Valor surge charges faster.
  • Weapon Stamina+ – Weapon stamina depletes slower.
  • Stamina Regen – Aloy regenerates stamina quicker.
  • Ammo Expert – Craft more ammo for the same amount of resources.
  • Heavy Weapon+ – Heavy weapons will deal more damage.
  • Triple Notch – Add up to two additional arrows onto the Hunter bow to shoot.
  • Sustained Burst – Boltblaster can now release a full clip at once while standing still.
  • Powershots – Valor Surge that charges up a specific number of shots after being activated.
  • Workbench Expert – Ammo is cheaper to craft at workbenches.
  • Knockdown Shot – Hunter Bow shot that does no damage but knocks down enemies.
  • Ultra Shot – Boltblaster shot that will go much further.

Survivor Skill Tree

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The Survivor skill tree focuses on giving Aloy a larger capacity to heal while in danger. On top of making the potions better and offering a natural health regeneration, there are two weapon types that the Survivor skill tree gives skills to. These include the shredder gauntlet and bomb slings.

  • Potent Medicine – Medicinal berries heal Aloy for more.
  • Low Health Regen – Recover health over time when Aloy’s is below 25%.
  • Low Health Defense – Aloy will resist more damage when her health is below 25%.
  • Bouncing Bomb – Bombs shot at the ground can bounce up to three times, dealing more damage.
  • Triple Shredder – Throws three shredder gauntlets out at once.
  • Toughened – Valor Surge that increases damage resistance and health recovery.
  • Potion Proficiency – Drink potions faster and they’ll heal for more.
  • Medicine Capacity – Hold more potions at once.
  • Valor on Impact – Gain Valor from killing enemies.
  • Burst Dodge – Dodge backwards while firing bombs.
  • Shredder Mine – Shredder Gauntlets can be placed like mines.
  • Overshield – Puts an overshield over Aloy’s base health.
  • Low Health Ranged – Deal more damage at range when health is below 25%.
  • Low Health Melee – Deal more melee damage when health is below 25%.
  • Sticky Bomb – Shoots a bomb that sticks.
  • Plant Forager – Get more resources from plants.
  • Power Shredder – Shredder will deal more damage but not return.

Infiltrator Skill Tree

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Stealth is a great ability to have out in the wilds when dealing with machines that overpower the player. The Infiltrator skill tree allows Aloy to be less detectable when outside of the red grass as well as boons to stealth attacks. This tree also grants skills to the Sharpshot and Hunter bows.

  • Silent Strike+ – Deal more damage on her silent strikes.
  • Stealth Ranged+ – Deal more damage with her bows from stealth.
  • Stealth Tear+ – Deal more tear damage while in stealth.
  • Silent Strike Heal – Silent strikes will heal Aloy.
  • Smoke Bomb Capacity – Carry more smoke bombs at once.
  • Quiet Movement – Sneak more quietly.
  • Low Profile – Aloy is harder to notice while sneaking between red grass and/or cover.
  • Quiet Spear – Melee attacks are quieter.
  • Silent Strike Gain – Gain more stamina and valor from silent strikes.
  • Braced Shot – Sharpshot bow shot that explodes on impact.
  • Double Notch – Notch up to two arrows on a Sharpshot bow.
  • Focused Shot – Valor Surge that increases aim and damage while slamming everything dangerous to the ground.

Machine Master Skill Tree

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Machine Master is a skill tree that boosts Aloy’s override abilities. This ability will become more and more useful as the player completes more of the Cauldrons across the game. These skills will boost the overridden machine’s health, damage, and more.

  • Mounted Defense – Take less damage while mounted.
  • Lasting Override – Overrides last longer on the selected machine.
  • Machine Damage – Overridden machines deal more damage than originally.
  • Spike Trap – The thrown spikes can now be thrown at the ground with this ability to create extra traps.
  • Propelled Spike – This skill with add jet propulsion to the spike to throw it further and deal more damage to the target.
  • Machine Health – Aloy’s overridden machine will have more health than others of the same kind.
  • Heavy Lifter – Move slightly faster while holding a heavy weapon.
  • Efficient Repair – Aloy can repair her mount for less metal shards.
  • Machine Elemental+ – Aloy’s overridden machines will deal more elemental damage.
  • Splitting Spike – Spike throw that splits into three spears.
  • Override Subroutines – Set an overridden machine to aggressive or defensive.
  • Mounted Archer – Deal more bow damage while saddle.
  • Chain Bust – Enemies that are grouped together will gain damage from a member on their group close by.

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