In Resident Evil Village, there are several locked combinations you can find and unlock by using a code to obtain rewards, so here are all of the codes to these combinations. 

How to unlock all combination locks in Resident Evil Village

In short, there are a total of three locked combinations that all require codes to solve, and the following listed below are all of these codes.

  • 07-08-04 – Village Workshop 
  • 05-29-11 – Doll Workshop 
  • 27-09-17 – Maestro’s Collection House

The first two are story-related, so you don’t have to worry about missing them. However, the Maestro’s Collection code is entirely optional and can be easily missed if you forget about it. So that being said, here’s where to get all of these three codes.

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How to get the Village Workshop Code

To get the code to the locked cabinet in the workshop, you must first examine a photo on a table across the room from the doorway. When you examine the photo, you will need to flip it to see the words “look out the window” on the back.  

Upon reading the note, you will then need to look out of the window on the left side of the doorway, as shown above. However, when you look out the window, be ready to have a heart attack, as after you read the hint on the back of the note, the game sets up a jumpscare at the window.  

After the initial scare, you will need to deal with the Werewolf man that just appeared out of nowhere. Afterward, you will be free to see the group of numbers out the window, as shown above. 

The numbers shown indicate the code we already listed in this guide, but once you get the code, you will need to input it into the lock as 07-08-04. Then once you unlock the combination lock in the workshop, you will find a 1911 pistol and a crank you need to progress further in the area. 

How to get the Doll Workshop Code

Like the previous one, this code is story-related, so you don’t need to worry about missing it. So to make a long story short, you will need to get this code to leave a locked room. But how you get the code is by removing a ring of the left arm of a doll in the middle room you are in.

When you got the ring, you will then need to find a sink to clean it in the next room. However, the door to the next room is locked, but you can unlock it by getting the silver key that you can get from the doll’s right arm on the table. 

That being said, once you unlocked the door and cleaned the ring via the sink, you will need to examine the ring to see the code we listed above, 05-29-11. Using this code will allow you to unlock the other door, thus letting you progress further – good luck, you will need it

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How to get the Maestro’s Collection House Code

For the last code, you will need first need to grab a key from the gardener’s house. However, you will need to complete the dollhouse section of the game before you can enter it. But after that, you can find the Maestro’s Collection House at the location shown below.

You should remember it, as it is one of the first things you see when entering the village for the first time, it’s also behind a locked gate, but you can get past it by shooting the lock. 

After you are inside the area past the gate, you will need to find the door with a violin on it. When you find the door, use the key and upon entering the building, you will need to find a locked cabinet towards the back.

But remember, the thing is locked, so you will need to find a note that says “don’t forget about her birthday”. This note hints towards a drawing, as shown below.

As shown above, you can clearly see the numbers 27-09-17, this is the code you will need to put in the lock, and upon unlocking it, you will get an expanded magazine for your sniper and a valuable treasure. 

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