The Halo series and its campaigns are known for featuring a variety of collectibles to find. This is no different in Halo Infinite, and it features skulls, audio logs, and more. There are some traditional Halo levels where players can miss these collectibles. One such mission is the first, Warship Gbraakon.

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Opening your Tac Map in Halo Infinite will show you all the collectibles at each level. For Warship Gbraakon, there is a skull, two UNSC Audio Logs, and a Banished Audio Log. Here is where to find all these collectibles in Warship Gbraakon.

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Shortly into the mission, you will come upon a room with automated crates rising to the ceiling. On the right side, there is a crate that is stuck. The skull is located here. Climb up the other crates to grab this collectible.

UNSC Audio Log

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Shortly into the mission, you will come to an elevator. Enter the elevator and once you reach the top, exit the door. You will see crates with UNSC weapons and hear a beeping. Grab the UNSC Audio Log, which is lying next to the crates. The other log is given automatically to the player.

Banished Audio Log

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After you have destroyed the cooling and sabotaged the engine for Warship Gbraakon, you will need to escape. Your marker will take you to a door and hallway. Before going through the door, look to your left on the ground right in front of the door. This is where the Banished Audio Log is.

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