The Halo series and its campaigns are known for featuring a variety of collectibles to find. This is no different in Halo Infinite and it features skulls, audio logs, and more. There are some traditional Halo levels where players can miss these collectibles. One such mission is the second, The Foundation.

Opening your Tac Map in Halo Infinite will show you all the collectibles in each level. For The Foundation, there is a skull, two UNSC Audio Logs, and a Banished Audio Log. Here is where to find all these collectibles in The Foundation.

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The skull in the Foundation is found shortly after reuniting with Weapon, your AI companion. You will come to a room with a few Grunts, Jackals, and tall pillars. Kill the enemies and return to the tall pillar closest to the door you entered the room through. This pillar leads up to a beam where the skull is located. Use your AI scan to pinpoint it, then grapple up and collect it.

UNSC Audio Log

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This UNSC Audio Log is hard to miss. When collecting the power seed for the elevator towards the end of the level, look to your left. The log is beside some crates. The other UNSC Audio Log is given to the player automatically.

Banished Audio Log

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The Banished Audio Log can be found beside a doorway in one of the many long halls in the Foundation. It will be on the left so keep an eye out as you pass through any doors.

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