As a power washing aficionado in PowerWash Simulator, you load up your power sprayer and blast the dirt off of everything from lawn mowers to playground equipment. But sometimes, water isn’t enough. For times when the dirt is just too much, utilize one of the six different cleaning liquids to help make specific materials spick and span.

List of every cleaning liquid in PowerWash Simulator

The cleaners available for use are as follows:

  • Glass Cleaner: for use on windows and other glass materials
  • Metal Cleaner: best on metal frames and carousal equipment
  • Plastic Cleaner: perfect for playground equipment and material that is too soft for metal or stone cleaners
  • Stone Cleaner: for those tricky cobblestones and flooring that just won’t get clean
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner: if you need a cleaner for a variety of materials or aren’t sure exactly which cleaner to use, the multi-purpose cleaner is a safe bet
  • Wood Cleaner: safe for power washing wooden materials

To use one of these cleaners, you first need to buy the Soap Nozzle for whichever power washer you’re using before you also get the cleaner you need. Nozzles and cleaners can be found in both the Equipment and Cleaning Liquids tabs found in the shop. Press E to attach the soap nozzle and you’re cleaning liquid. Each type of cleaning liquid costs $10 per 1 liter.

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