In short, the following classes have been confirmed to be in the upcoming expansion for Phantasy Star Online, called Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.

  • Hunter
  • Ranger
  • Force
  • Fighter
  • Gunner
  • Techtar

The first-class called hunter is described as being a melee fighter class that excels in melee combat using a sword as its weapon. After the hunter, you have the ranger, and they are more or less what you would expect. 

The ranger class is range focus and uses assault rifles as its choice of weapon, and it appears to be a mech or robot of sorts based on footage from a live stream last year. 

Gunner is also a range class similar to that of the ranger, but it focuses more on mid-range to close-range combat with two machine pistols. 

Along with this, the gunner class will have a focus on mid air combat, whereas the player can keep firing their guns and use abilities to stay in mid air.

Now for the third class called force, we have the typical mage kind of class that developers report to be a class that is good at dealing magic-like elemental attacks.

The Techtar class is similar to force, whereas they have a focus on magical attacks, but in this case, a techtar can also use melee attacks with a wand weapon. Next, we have the fighter, and it is a brawler class specializing in its fisting as a weapon, and its skills will reflect that. 

In addition to the classes, players will also be able to mix classes via a sub-class system and even use weapons of other classes with their main weapon. This is made possible to a multi-class weapons system that the developers implemented alongside that of the sub-class system. 

For more on Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, stay tunned for a ton of coverare coming your way in the upcoming weeks and months

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