Lost Ark is an upcoming Diablo-esque game slated to be released in Autumn of 2021. To hype up the game for would-be fans, they have released some information about the classes and abilities, which can be found on the official Lost Ark website.

As of now, they have listed five classes that will be available when the game is released in the third quarter of 2021. Each class has multiple advanced classes that all have unique abilities, so you’ll be able to find a good character for you, no matter what your playstyle is. The list below outlines what the classes and advanced classes do.

Warrior Class

Warriors forego speed for power. They are known for dealing massive damage with few attacks, and they work to control their targets through force rather than stealth. The advanced classes for the Warrior class are outlined below.

  • Berserker: Berserkers powerful warriors that deal heavy damage with their greatsword and have high defense. They become even more powerful in burst mode, where they gain increased attack and speed, as well as a special skill that deals immense damage.
  • Paladin: Paladins channel their power from the gods to retain powerful offense and defense. They use holy skills that and abilities that provide buffs to their team, or deal incredible damage to enemies with their sword.
  • Gunlancer: Gunlancers work as the primary defense for any party and typically absorb most of the damage to keep their party safe. They use their Gunlance to deal damage while operating as a tough-to-kill tank for the team.

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Assassin Class

Assassins like stealth and utilize dark energy to deal damage to their enemies. They avoid a direct line of fire and deal heavy damage to their enemies before they even realize what is happening.

  • Shadowhunter: Shadowhunters lean heavily on the powerful side for their team by shape-shifting into demonic creatures to fight their enemies. They achieve high constitution and incredible dexterity when they transition into their demonic form.
  • Deathblade: Deathblades use one of their many swords in tandem with their chaotic powers to deal heavy damage to enemies. They have remarkably high speed and can deal damage faster than the human eye can understand.

Martial Artist Class

Martial Artists act as counterparts to Warriors, opting for speed instead of strength. Players using Martial Artists like to deal combo damage and clever tactics in battle rather than heading into a fight swinging blindly.

  • Striker: Strikers deal damage to enemies while using gravity-defying acrobatics and reality-bending elemental skills. They’re best for people who like to hit enemies before they realize what is coming.
  • Wardancer: Wardancers use their elemental powers and focus their energy to unleash deadly combo attacks while they move too fast for their enemies to see.
  • Scrapper: Scrappers fight with their gauntlet and two forms of energy that work in tandem to hit hard and fast. They have high attack, defense, and speed, and work as a great balanced character for players who don’t know which way to go.
  • Soulfist: Soulfists switch between melee and ranged styles, which can be used to deal combo attacks. The channel Adamance energy which can be used to help their other abilities or keep them alive in battle.

Gunner Class

Gunners use ranged weapons ranging from advanced technical weapons to simple mechanical bows. They are best for players that like to fight from a distance with tactics and clever strategy.

  • Gunner: Gunners can quickly switch between weapons to work from close range and long range effectively. They are dextrous and difficult to catch or hit with weapons of any kind.
  • Artillerist: Artillerists deal massive ranged damage with the biggest weapons of any Gunner class. They forego mobility and instead opt to take power as their primary resource for battle. They deal massive damage and heavy incredible defense.
  • Deadeye: Deadeyes are like gunners in that they operate effectively from multiple different ranges. However, Deadeyes tend to work with a more aggressive playstyle, whereas gunners are more strategic.
  • Sharpshooter: Sharpshooters truly operate from a distance and wield bows that have different effects and abilities. They typically fight with pure strategy and are rarely on the frontline of a battle.

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Mage Class

Mages have multiple uses for their party; they can either be used as the primary mode of support or the powerhouse of the team that deals the most damage.

  • Bard: Bards use their harp to deal damage with special abilities. They work very well as a support character because they can also use their magic to buff allies, bane enemies, and provide much needed health to those in trouble.
  • Summoner: Summoners sacrifice fortitude to focus on dealing massive damage with summoned creatures and elemental magic. The summons have a variety of abilities that can help their Summoner in any situation them.

We also lists of all the known abilities for all the advanced classes! Check out our guides for the Gunner Class and Warrior Class!

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