Roblox Anime Warriors is a gacha warriors game that mashes tons of anime characters into one multiverse experience. Every player’s goal should be to summon the best possible characters in the game: one-stars being treated as fodder, and six-stars as the most rare.

The best characters to use in Anime Warriors typically range from four-stars and above, so if you’re lucky enough to roll for high-tier characters during a summon, we recommend focusing on them during battle.

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All Characters in Roblox Anime Warriors

We expect more characters to enter the roster during future updates of Roblox Anime Warriors. If we’re missing any of your favorite warriors, be sure to let us know and we’ll update this page as soon as we can!

Six-Star Characters

BrokySaiyan Rush, Anime Mashup
MihokuPirate Plunder, Anime Mashup
UrahaAnime Mashup

Five-Star Characters

The 4thAnime Mashup

Four-Star Characters

BejitaAnime Mashup, Saiyan Rush
GooraAnime Mashup, Shinobi Storm
KashidoriAnime Mashup, Shinobi Storm
ZabuzoAnime Mashup, Shiobi Storm
ZoruiAnime Mashup, Pirate Plunder

Three-Star Characters

Kid SassyAnime Mashup, Shinobi Storm
IchiganAnime Mashup
NaddaAnime Mashup, Saiyan Rush
PikkoroAnime Mashup, Saiyan Rush
RaditsuAnime Mashup, Saiyan Rush
RuffyAnime Mashup, Pirate Plunder
RuyuAnime Mashup
SanjuroAnime Mashup, Pirate Plunder
SonAnime Mashup, Saiyan Rush

Two-Star Characters

Axe Wielding LunaticAnime Mashup, Pirate Plunder
ChedAnime Mashup
HikumaAnime Mashup, Pirate Plunder
Kid GohanAnime Mashup, Saiyan Rush
KuririnAnime Mashup, Saiyan Rush
MasterAnime Mashup, Saiyan Rush
NarudoAnime Mashup, Shinobi Storm
TionAnime Mashup, Saiyan Rush
UsopieAnime Mashup, Pirate Plunder
YamuchaAnime Mashup, Saiyan Rush

One-Star Characters

BanditAnime Mashup, Fodder, Pirate Plunder
Marine ShooterAnime Mashup, Fodder, Pirate Plunder
Marine SwordsmanAnime Mashup, Fodder, Pirate Plunder
Mist ShinobiAnime Mashup, Fodder, Shinobi Storm
MizuAnime Mashup, Fodder, Shinobi Storm

Anime Warriors Summoning Tips

Focus on the Anime Mashup Banner

The Anime Mashup Banner is the best banner to spend cystals on summons, especially for new players. It is the cheapest banner at 50 Crystals per roll and 500 Crystals per 10 rolls. This banner also consists of every warrior in the game, in addition to some exclusive warriors.

As you progress in the game and start to fill our your own roster, then it would be best to focus on anime-specific banners like Pirate Plunder, Shinobi Strike etc. That way you can increase the odds of summoning a specific character you might be holding out Crystals for.

There is a Pity System

Pity systems are unique to each banner. For example, in the Anime Mashup banner: you are guaranteed 4+ Star warrior for every 50 summons, and you are also guaranteed a 5+ Star warrior for every 120 summons.

There is a summon counter below each banner’s title, so you can gauge how many summons you have rolled for each banner.

Fodder Warriors

Fodder Warriors are primarily used to level up your high-tier warriors. It is okay to sacrifice these characters, as you have a high chance of summoning them again and they do not help in fights beyond levelling up your best characters.

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