Omega Strikers is a fast-paced competitive action sports title, taking inspiration from Rocket League, League of Legends, and Super Smash Bros., in which you are not only trying to score a goal but battling the other team. There are various characters to choose from, each with its own unique abilities. This may leave you wondering what each character does in Omega Strikers.

All Omega Strikers characters and abilities

Each character in Omega Strikers has a primary, secondary, and special ability. These are crucial for turning the tide of a match and moving the ball around the arena. In addition to moving the ball, these deal damage, increase stagger, buff your allies, debuff enemies, and much more. Here are all characters in Omega Strikers.

Juliette – The Eager Rookie

  • Difficulty – 2/3
  • Primary – Fiery Fist
    • Deal a medium hit to all enemies in a line.
  • Secondary – Flying Phoenix
    • Dash, dealing a medium hit to enemies in your path. Other abilities can be cast while dashing.
  • Special – Flame Flurry
    • Deal a flurry of light jabs in an arc, followed by a heavy roundhouse kick.

Kai – The Natural Superstar

  • Difficulty – 1/3
  • Primary – Barrage
    • Rapidly launch several fireball projectiles that deal light hits.
  • Secondary – Blazing Pace
    • Gain a 35% haste buff for 4s.
  • Special – Giga Blast
    • Launch a blazing projectile that deals a heavy hit to the first enemy struck, knocking them away from the blast’s center point.

Dubu – The Endearing Defender

  • Difficulty – 1/3
  • Primary – Bamboozle
    • Create a bamboo log that blocks enemies, then roll it forward as a decelerating projectile that breaks after dealing a medium hit to the first enemy.
  • Secondary – Somerassault
    • Dash in a direction. At max range or on impact with an enemy, stun and deal a medium hit to surrounding enemies.
  • Special – Tofu Fortress
    • Launch an arc of tremor projectiles that deal medium hits and create terrain on impact or at max range.

Estelle – The Stunning Sniper

  • Difficulty – 1/3
  • Primary – Piercing Shot
    • Take aim and launch a blast of crystalline energy, dealing a heavy hit to all enemies in a long line.
  • Secondary – Rose Warp
    • Blink to a location, then fire a crystal thorn projectile at the nearest enemy, dealing a medium hit.
  • Special – Crystal Thorns
    • Launch several crystal thorn projectiles in an arc. Each deals a light hit.

Atlas – The Steadfast Protector

  • Difficulty – 2/3
  • Primary – Astral Projection
    • Launch a decelerating arc projectile that deals a single medium hit to each enemy it collides with.
  • Secondary – Cosmic Expanse
    • Create an expanding ring of light that quickly vanishes. The ring will persist and begin to shrink if it hits any enemies, dealing a medium hit.
  • Special – Celestial Intervention
    • Create a celestial guardian that continuously heals nearby allies. The guardian rescues any ally that would be K.O.’d, transporting them to its location and restoring 15% of their stagger bar.

Juno – The Curious Explorer

  • Difficulty – 1/3
  • Primary – Friend Fling
    • Launch a blob projectile that deals a medium hit and creates a blob on impact or max range.
  • Secondary – Blob Bounce
    • Create a blob at your feet and jump to a location, becoming elusive while airborne. Elusive targets are invulnerable and untargetable.
  • Special – Make It Rain
    • Target an area and launch a massive blob projectile into the sky. After a delay the cluster splits, raining down blob creations for each enemy in the target area (minimum of 1 blob).

Drek’Ar – The Intimidating Invader

  • Difficulty – 2/3
  • Primary – Lock and Load
    • Fires a spread of projectiles that deals a heavy hit to nearby enemies but a light hit to far ones. 2 charges.
  • Secondary – Xeno Cloak
    • Gain a buff that grants invisibility and 50% haste for 1.25s.
  • Special – Molten Bolt
    • Launch a sticky bomb projectile that deals a medium hit and debuffs the first enemy struck for 2.5s, slowing and damaging them over time. The debuff can spread to nearby enemies.

X – The Eccentric Brawler

  • Difficulty – 1/3
  • Primary – Bell Ringer
    • Wind up and swing your arms in a circle, dealing a heavy hit to enemies at the edge but a light hit otherwise.
  • Secondary – Bull Rush
    • Dash after a brief delay, dealing a heavy hit to enemies in your path.
  • Special – X Maximus!
    • Buff yourself for 4s, increasing your size and upgrading your strikes to medium hits that work on enemy players.

Era – The Empowering Enchanter

  • Difficulty – 1/3
  • Primary – Bewitching Beam
    • Bewitch allies and enemies in a line. Enemies are dealt a light hit and rebuffed, reducing their size and power. Allies are buffed, increasing their size and power.
  • Secondary – Flutter Fly
    • Grant nearby allies a 40% haste buff that decays over 2.5s.
  • Special – Magic Maelstrom
    • Create a dormant projectile that gains size, duration and hits harder over time. On recast or after a few seconds, launch the projectile, hitting all enemies in its path. If released before fully charged, it deals light hits.

Luna – The Chaotic Rocketeer

  • Difficulty – 2/3
  • Primary – W.H.A.M.M.Y.
    • Launch a rocket projectile that deals a light hit on early impact. After a brief delay, it speeds up and deals a heavy hit instead.
  • Secondary – B.O.O.S.T.
    • Dash infinitely until hitting an enemy or a wall, with limited ability to steer. Collisions with enemies deal a heavy hit.
  • Special – C.R.A.T.E.R.
    • Drop a bomb projectile at a location, dealing a heavy hit to enemies in its center. Enemies outside the center take a medium hit instead.

Each team is comprised of three players and three characters, meaning picking the right balance of offense, defense, and utility is crucial. You should work with your team to pick characters that compliment one another and allow you to control the arena. We recommend giving each character a try before deciding which is best for you. This will help you learn each character’s kit and master them before heading into ranked matches so you don’t get stomped.

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