Capcom’s Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin propels the franchise forward in a charming new direction with this story about forming bonds with tamable monsters. Your Monsties aren’t the only ones you’ll become close to, however; you’ll be meeting all kinds of different characters throughout the game who will impact your journey in meaningful ways.


Your (fully customizable) Rider lives in Mahana Village, a closeknit community that has long been protected by Guardian Ratha—a mysterious and powerful being that bonded with your grandfather, Red. Although Red is gone, you’ve inherited his instinctive Rider skills. Now, you’re leaving your island for the first time to learn more about the world and the ominous events happening across the land.


Despite her youthful apperance, Ena has lived quite a long time; this is due to her Wyverian ancestry. Ena was friends with your grandfather, and she entrusts the legendary Rathalos egg to you upon meeting. A little intense, but always well-intentioned, Ena is passionate about forming bonds with monsters.

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Kayna is a seasoned Rider from Mahana Village, and despite her initial shock at being appointed your teacher, she takes her role as mentor very seriously. Energetic and friendly, Kayna trains you through the basics of being a Rider and seems to take great pride in watching you develop your skills.


Navirou is on a mission to uncover the secrets of the strange happenings, but is quick to join up with you when he recognizes your potential as a Rider. He takes on a Guide role during your adventures, pointing out helpful tips about unknown monsters and encouraging you to reach for new heights.


Red was a revered Rider, and was the only human who Guardian Ratha bonded with. Before he passed away, he sought to uncover the truth behind the strange occurrences affecting monsters.


Alvin is a Wyverian in Rutoh Village, from which Ena heralds as well. Although he is a man of few words, this seemingly-cold Rider quickly warms up to you after learning that you are Red’s grandchild, as Red was his first human friend.


As the advisor to Rutoh Village’s Elder, Zellard is calm and logical. Since you are Red’s grandchild, he trusts in your Rider potential and asks for your help in overcoming the dangers currently plaguing Rutoh Village.


Lilia is a young woman torn between two moral standpoints. As commander of the Royal Scriveners in Lulucion—a Hunter city—Lilia is expected to put her personal feelings about monsters aside. However, she sympathizes with Rider ideology, and this complicates her investigation on the legendary Rathalos.


Acting as Lilia’s second-in-command, Reverto helps her and the Royal Scriveners with various matters. He is noted for his skills as a Hunter, but is still able to appreciate the way that Riders form bonds with monsters.


Unlike Reverto, Kyle wants nothing to do with Riders or their Monsties. He is a young Hunter who firmly believes that monsters and people cannot coexist peacefully, and so he can’t help but view you with suspicion. He is steered by his unwavering sense of justice.


Tsukino is Kyle’s Palico, supporting him and his goals. She is gentle-spoken and thoughtful, and seems to think that there is more to the Razewing Ratha situation than Kyle would care to admit.


Avinia is a talented Rider from Kuan Village, which was destroyed by the Black Blight. She works to rebuild her community alongside her Monstie named Frostfang, with whom she shares an unbreakable bond.


Orgo is a charismatic Felyne who lives in the Felyne shelter, like many other Felynes who lost their homes in the strange environmental abnormalities.

Ol’ Dede

Ol’ Dede is an eccentric Wyverian who lives deep in the snowy mountains. Although he is known for his wisdom and ability to draw out the powers of monsters, this recluse will do just about anything for his beloved Hot Spring Dumplings.


Yoomlana is a Wyverian with deep knowledge on the legend of Razewing Ratha, and she shares this vital information with you in the hopes that you form a close bond with Ratha. She is the chief of a secret, isolated village called Nua Te.

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