While the main map update for Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors is on Storm Point, World’s Edge is returning after a season in vault with a few changes of its own. While there are no drastic changes, such as a new Point of Interest (POI), one of the POIs is seeing a share of geometry changes, as well as some loot changes. Let’s take a look.

All World’s Edge changes for Season 13

Two POIs have seen minor changes since the map was last seen in Season 11: Escape.

Lava Siphon changes

  • The windows of Lava Siphon’s Control Tower have been redesigned
    • They will now better focus sightlines
  • There is now better cover around Lava Siphon’s Lava Pit
  • The chance of finding high-tier armor in the Gondolas on Lava Siphon has been drastically reduced

Climatizer changes

  • The chance of finding high-tier armor in the Gondolas on Climatizer has been drastically reduced

It should be noted that these changes do not affect the high-tier loot status of both POIs. The only POI with geometry changes in this update is Lava Siphon. Climatizer’s changes only affect the loot.

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