Apex Legends Season 11: Escape has several changes made to the Supply Drops, or Care Packages, as some call them. Some of the changes were unique to Battle Royale mode, but there were also some changes unique to Arenas. The changes will definitely shake up the Arenas meta, especially in terms of choosing whether or not to go for the ring when you head into battle. Let’s take a look at all of the changes to the Arenas Supply Drops.

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All Arenas Supply Drop Changes

  • Level 3 Epic Purple Fully Kitted Weapons now appear more in early rounds
    • Round 1 will now include 1 Epic and 2 Rare (formerly 3 Rare)
    • Round 2 will now include 2 Epic and 1 Rare (formerly 1 Epic and 2 Rare)
    • Round 3 will now include 3 Epic (formerly 2 Epic and 1 Rare)
  • The Supply Drop will now drop 10 seconds earlier
  • If possible, the Supply Drop will drop outside of the ring
    • This means players that prioritize the ring will generally be further from the Supply Drop
  • Level 2 Rare Blue Havoc Rifles and Devotions no longer spawn in any round
  • Level 4 Legendary Gold RE-45s no longer spawn in any round

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