Apex Legends from the start has mostly been a PVP game from the start, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t also been PvE elements within the game. Various Wildlife has existed in the Apex Legend universe for a while, but maybe none more iconic than the Prowlers. Prowlers, not to be confused with the weapon of the same name, are lizard creatures with a wild dog pack mentality.

You can find them in various colors and patterns, but be warned, they are generally not friendly. Season 11: Escape brought some major changes to the Prowlers, so let’s break all of these changes down.

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All Prowler Changes

  • [Buff ↑] Prowlers now have 114 hit points (formerly 90)
  • [Change ↔] Prowlers are now found on two Battle Royale maps
    • Prowlers are on World’s Edge at Bloodhound’s Trials
    • Prowlers are on Storm Point in Prowler Dens
  • [Change ↔] 25% of damage dealt to Prowlers now counts towards your Evo Armor upgrade
    • This is also the case for other Wildlife such as Flyers and Spiders

In Battle Royale mode, Prowlers are always indifferent or hostile to the player. However, in the Shadow Royale Limited-Time Mode, the Shadow Prowlers can be allies, and a team pet that will fight for you.

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