Whether you find crafting to be an integral part of Apex Legends since it first appeared in Season 6: Boosted, or just use it occasionally in a pinch, there is no doubt that Crafting has left a mark on most players. Crafting in a Replicator in Battle Royale mode can help you get gear, Evo Armor upgrades, ammo, healing items, Hop-Ups, and other various weapon add-ons.

Since it was first introduced, actual crafting process has stayed mostly the same. The first big change was in a previous season when they removed weapons from the Replicator. Now crafting is changing again, but this time with a different sort of focus.

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All Changes to Crafting

  • Players now craft ammo in stacks, as follows:
    • 60 Light Ammo (formerly 20)
    • 60 Heavy Ammo (formerly 20)
    • 60 Energy Ammo (formerly 20)
    • 48 Arrows (formerly 16)
    • 36 Sniper (formerly 12)
    • 24 Shotgun Ammo (formerly 8)
    • Crafting ammo now cost 10 materials per weapon (formerly 5)
  • Upgrading Evo Armor now adds 150 points to the shield
    • Upgrading Evo Armor now costs 50 materials per upgrade (formerly 45)
  • The sniper bundle has been taken out, and a shotgun bundle has gone in
    • It is themed around the Mastiff Shotgun
    • The new Dual Shell Hop-Up is included in the bundle

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