The Apex Legends Beast of Prey Event launches with a few gameplay changes and bug fixes included with the new LTM Gun Run, Loba’s heirloom, and event challenges to complete. The update releases with the event on September 20, 2022.

The update includes mostly bug fixes, but does feature small changes to Arenas and Rampart’s ultimate. Here are all the changes in the Beast of Prey update.

Spawn Rates

  • Crafting Rotation: RE-45 and Devotion to ground loot, P2020 and Havoc to Crafter
  • Reduced barrel and laser sight spawn rate
  • Increased optic sights spawn rates
  • Reduce spawn rate of RE-45 and Alternator
  • Increased heavy weapon spawn rates
  • Reduce Shotgun Bolt spawn in Explosive Holds

Weapon Changes

  • Bocek Bow reduced ammo capacity from 80 to 60
  • Increased cost for Hammerpoint Rounds in Arenas
  • Sheila now inherits sensitivity settings for the most similar optic sensitivity level

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the player to often come out of replicator crouched
  •  Removed ability to tap-strafe on Gravity Cannons
  • Fixed a bug where the display showing Bocek Compound Bow arrow ammo was inconsistent.

The most significant changes comes with spawn rate changes and the Bocek ammo being reduced. Low-tier light weapons spawning less while heavy weapons spawn more may change how are shaped during matches.

The update will also feature the collection event festivities. Players will be able to purchase the 24 event cosmetics and earn free rewards by completing daily challenges. The new Gun Run LTM mode will also release, adding a new way to play. Gun Run tasks teams of three to battle on small maps to try to get through a list of weapons by getting kills much like Call of Duty’s Gun Game. The Beast of Prey Collection Event runs from September 20, 2022 to October 4, 2022.

Check out the full patch notes for the Beast of Prey event here!

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