The Festive Fervor holiday event is live across Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. Players can log into either of the two games to complete a set of missions for exclusive items, including a rare weapon skin. Here’s a list of all the challenges and rewards from the Call of Duty Festive Fervor event.

Festive Fervor Challenges and Rewards in Vanguard

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  1. Challenge – Eliminate Krampus three times.
    • Reward – One Tier Skip for the Season One Battle Pass
  2. Challenge – Kill 10 Elf Team Six members hiding in multiplayer maps.
    • Reward – Cookie Crumbler Rare Calling Card
  3. Challenge – Open five Care Packages.
    • Reward – Gift Receipt Rare Sticker
  4. Challenge – Get five kills with a Killstreak.
    • Reward – One Hour Double XP Token
  5. Challenge – Complete 10 matches of the Armageddon playlist.
    • Reward – Santa’s Delivery Rare Calling Card
  6. Challenge – Complete 15 matches on the Shipment map.
    • Reward – Tanenbaum Epic Charm

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Festive Fervor Challenges and Rewards in Warzone Pacific

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  • Challenge – Play Warzone for seven hours.
    • Reward – One Hour Double XP Token
  • Challenge – Travel 25 miles in Warzone.
    • Reward – Derailed Rare Spray
  • Challenge – Deal 365 damage to Krampus.
    • Reward – Skullflake Rare Emblem
  • Challenge – Destroy 12 Elves.
    • Reward – Toy Gun Epic Calling Card
  • Challenge – Open 24 Holiday Crates.
    • Reward – Naughty List Rare Emblem
  • Challenge – Go to eight points of interest (POIs) in Warzone.
    • Reward – Gnome Wars Rare Calling Card

How to get the Ol’ Timey Type 11 Blueprint in Vanguard and Warzone Pacific

ol' timey type 11 blueprint in call of duty
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Upon completing all six challenges in any two games, you will receive the Ol’ Timey Rare Weapon Blueprint for the Type 11 LMG. The best and fastest way to get the Ol’ Timey Blueprint is via the challenges in Vanguard.

They are way easier and less time-consuming than the Warzone Festive Fervor challenges. The players who don’t own Vanguard can play the game without purchasing it from Dec. 16 to 21 during the free access weekend.

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