Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has various ways for players to increase the strength of their character. Players can bolster their power by unlocking Challenge Buffs in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, but how can users grab these?

What are Challenge Buffs in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

Challenge Buffs are passive upgrades rewarded to players for acquiring the game’s collectibles. Each collectible chain grants a unique improvement. These buffs are permanent and persist as long as users continue to play on the character that unlocked them.

Passive Challenge Buffs

Players can acquire seven Challenge Buffs. Each Challenge buff has unique criteria for unlocks, which we’ve listed below, along with the buff unlocked for each task:

  • Find all Lucky Dice (260): +35.0% Loot Luck
  • Find all Lost Marbles (24): +10.0% Strength
  • Complete all Rune Switch puzzles (12): +10.0% Dexterity
  • Find all Poetry Pages (25): +10.0% Intelligence
  • Complete all Ancient Obelisks (11): +10.0% Constitution
  • Complete and Use all Shrines (6): +10.0% Wisdom
  • Unlock all Bottlecap Shortcuts (8): +10.0% Attunement

Players can see which Challenge Buffs are active in the Journal section of their menu. Blue Buffs are active, while grayed-out buffs insinuate the user has yet to unlock that passive boost.

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Players can also check how close they are to completing these collectible hunts by opening their Journal and moving to the World Buffs segment using the D-Pad. Scroll down to the Campaign Challenges segment of your Journal to see which buffs are locked and how close you are to completion.

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