The Contract is a new storyline in Grand Theft Auto Online featuring Franklin finding music legend Dr. Dre’s stolen new music. Not only will the story have a premier of Dr. Dre’s actual unreleased music, but The Contract will also add new content to the city of Los Santos, including new cars to purchase.

There are seven new cars available now from Legendary Motorsports and Southern San Andreas Super Autos. Go to the EyeFind internet and type in the car dealership website to purchase the cars. Every new car from The Contract can be purchased at Legendary Motorsports except the Bravado Buffalo STX, which players can purchase at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

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The websites, cars, and prices can be seen in the tweet and list below:

  • Pfister Astron — $1,580,000
  • Lampadati Cinquemila — $1,740,000
  • Bravado Buffalo STX — $1,612,500 – $2,150,000
  • Pegassi Ignus —  $2,765,000
  • Enus Jubilee — $1,237,500 – $1,650,000
  • Enus Deity — $1,383,750 – $1,845,000
  • Dewbauchee Champion — $2,246,250 – $2,995,000

The more expensive options of the cars seen above are the base prices, while the discounted price becomes available upon purchasing a Celebrity Solutions Agency Property. Players can purchase these properties via the Dynasty 8 Executive website. Once purchased, the Agency opens up missions for The Contract storyline and Security Contracts.

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