Loop Hero is a tactical roguelike deck-builder where every decision counts. You are stuck in an endless loop trying to remember your memories, the world, and what happened. However, defeating the Lich and saving the world from this time loop stands out.

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The game is played by traveling in a loop that you construct with cards and tiles. To help you survive, you can always return to your camp to build numerous buildings. Here are all the available buildings for your camp in Loop Hero.

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Alchemist’s TentUnlocks Alchemy.
Unlocks the ability to craft Jewelry, if the Supply Depot is built.
Unlocks the Zero Milestone golden card, if the Intel Center is built.
BridgeUnlocks the ability to create Bridges and prolong the river under or next to the road during an expedition.
Can only be built on horizontal and vertical river tiles.
CampfireThe Hero restores 20% of his max HP upon entering the campfire tile.
CemetaryCan resurrect the hero after an upgrade.
CryptUnlocks the Necromancer class.
Unlocks the Ancestral Crypt golden card if the Intel Center is built.
The crypt must be built next to the Cemetery.
FarmUnlocks the ability to craft food items if the Supply Depot is built.
Unlocks the Wheat Fields card.
All tiles surrounding the Farm transform into gardens.
Field Kitchen+10% to the campfire’s healing power.
Unlocks the “Blood grove” card.
ForestUnlocks the Forest and Thicket cards.
Lumberjack building.
GymnasiumUnlocks Special Traits after killing monsters on expeditions.
Unlocks the Village Card.
Unlocks the Supply Depot.
Unlocks the Cemetery.
Herbalist’s HutUnlocks the Healing Potions. – Potions heal 4% of max hp.
You can take up to 3 potions with you ; 2 potions are refilled at the campfire.
Unlocks the Swamp card.
Intel CenterUnlocks the Encyclopedia.
Unlocks the Desert and Sand Dunes cards.
Unlocks the ability to add gold cards to the deck.
LibraryAllows you to unlock additional pages in the Encyclopedia in exchange for Book of Memories resources.
Unlocks the Bookery card.
Unlocks the Maze of Memories golden card, if the Intel Center is built.
LumberjackAfter an expedition it gives you 1 Stable Branches for every loop, but no more than the amount of Forest tiles around the lumberjack’s hut.
Unlocks the ability to craft Furniture if the Supply Depot is built.
Mud HutUnlocks camp item slots.
RefugeUnlocks the Rogue class.
RiverUnlocks the River card.
Unlocks the Bridge card.
SmelterUnlocks the Storm Temple card.
It unlocks the Arsenal golden card if the Intel Center is built.
+30 to base HP.
SmithyLets you start an expedition with basic Warrior’s gear.
Unlocks the ability to craft tools for the camp if the Supply Depot is built.
Supply DepotUnlocks the Supply feature.
Allows you to find useful artifacts for your people.
Unlocks the ability to Craft items if you have the necessary buildings.
Unlocks the Ruins card.
Survivor’s TentsBetter shelter for survivors.
Placing 2 Mud Huts will remove all Survivor’s tents.
War CampIncrease the hero’s strength by 4%.
Unlocks the Outpost card.
Warehouse+10 to the Camp Items’ limit.
WatchtowerAdds Crossbowmen to help you in fights near the Campfire.

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