Final Fantasy XIV Online is one of the world’s leading Massively Multiplayer Online games, or MMOs. There are more than enough classes and jobs to keep players busy for months on end. One of these jobs is the Botanist, and it has a quest log, as every job does.

There are 22 Botanist quests in Final Fantasy XIV as of Shadowbringers. These quests will take players to level 70, but the max rank for this job is level 80.

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Way of the BotanistGridania1
My First HatchetGridania1
Sap for SmilesGridania5
Weapons of a FeatherGridania10
Haste Makes WasteGridania15
Dressed to HarvestGridania20
Aromatic AspirationsGridania25
What Nature GivethGridania30
A Feast to Say the LeastGridania35
Crisis of FaithGridania40
Botanist in a BindGridania45
Seeds of HopeGridania50
Call from the CloudsGridania50
Onions of Life BestowingIshgard53
Two Nations, One SeedIshgard55
Love for HarmonyIshgard58
Seeds Know No BordersIshgard60
Never Meet Your HeroesGridania60
You Say Popoto, I Say…Idyllshire63
Walking for Walker’sIdyllshire65
The White DeathIdyllshire68
Edgyth’s Winning StreakIdyllshire70
Info via the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone

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