Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles has many bosses that players can confront as they play through the game’s campaign. Fans of the show are sure to find some standout battles in the game, but who will players be facing as Tanjiro and the gang?

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There are 13 unique bosses in Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles that span the game’s prologue and eight chapters. We’ve listed each of the game’s exceptional opponents below:

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Tanjiro’s mentor guides him through the basics of combat in this tutorial boss battle. It shouldn’t press players too hard as an initial encounter, but it’s a great introduction to the game’s combat system.

Hand Demon

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The first true boss of the game comes in Chapter 1: Final Selection, where Tanjiro encounters a powerful demon with a grudge against his master Urokodaki. It’ll take several battles to take down this hulking Demon.

Swamp Demon

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Tanjiro’s first battle as an official member of the Demon Slayer Corps pits him against the Swamp Demon, a monster that splits himself into three different bodies. Tanjiro and Nezuko will have to take these three on together to stand a chance at taking them down.

Susumaru & Yahaba

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This pair of demons meld Blood Demon Arts to put Tanjiro and Nezuko on the ropes. The siblings will have to work together once more to tackle the powerful team of Susumaru and Yahaba.

Tongue Demon

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In Zenitsu’s first battle, he encounters a demon with an absurdly large tongue that grants him range on the battlefield. Thankfully, Zenitsu’s speed makes him more than a match for this Demon, as he can dash around the map and eviscerate his foe.

Large Demon

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The next fighter is coming through with a Boar Rush! Inosuke Hashibira joins the fray late in Chapter 4 right after Zenitsu, bringing his wild and untamed fighting style against the Large Demon. This beefy boss takes a lot of hits, but with a wild child like Inosuke, it’s quick work and a blast to break down.


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The big bad of Chapter 4 is the drum-toting Demon, Kyogai. Each of the drums on his body let him warp the area around him, making for a disorienting fight with our protagonist, Tanjiro.

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Spider Demon (Elder Brother)

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When the Demon Slayer Corps encounter a family of spider demons, each member of the main cast has their battle to wage, including Zenitsu, whose foe attacks from afar with minions and webbing. The Elder Brother will put Zenitsu’s speed and mastery of Thunder Breathing to the test in this battle.

Spider Demon (Father)

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While Zenitsu fights the Elder Brother, Tanjiro and Inosuke fight the Father. This formidable Demon is unbending and powerful. Coordination is critical in this fight, so swap between your two fighters as necessary to keep him guessing.


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The most vital member of the spider demon family, Rui, lies in wait for his prey for Tanjiro. It’ll take all Tanjiro has, including a new breathing style, to take one of the 12 Moons down.


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In Chapter 8, Tanjiro and Inosuke meet with another member of the 12 Moons, Enma. This Demon fuses with a train to devour his prey. He’s also got the ability to put others to sleep using a Blood Demon Art, use Inosuke to negate his powers, and take him down.

Upper Rank 3 – Akaza

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One of the most influential members of the 12 Moons arrives once Enma is defeated. Akaza appears to take on Kyojuro Rengoku, the Flame Hashira. Players will take control of the master swordsman and confront the most powerful Demon the game has seen yet in a tense three-phase fight.

Kyojuro Rengoku

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The game’s final boss is Rengoku himself. In a final test for Tanjiro, Rengoku confronts his junior Corps member in an all-out battle to test his strength. It’s a heartfelt last mission for the game and highlights the Flame Hashira’s influence on the protagonist.

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