Evade is a great scary game on Roblox with thrilling chases and spooky jump scares, but it also brings a little humor to soften the blow. The killer bots chasing you down are all recognizable memes that sound off their iconic lines and sounds as they hunt you. Team up with other players to survive the round and use your earned cash to purchase valuable equipment or fun emotes like dances. There are also some fun hidden surprises on a few maps for players to find, such as the character Bobo.

Who is Bobo in Evade?

Bobo is an easter egg character originally from the Tower Blitz game on Roblox and can be found on a few maps. He is a classic block body avatar with a simple blue shirt and black pants and wears a Roblox sun visor hat. Players can see him dancing or standing in a few different locations during the game. Here is where you can find him.

All Bobo Locations in Evade

Where to find Bobo at Four Corners in Evade

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Four Corners is the most straightforward map to find Bobo since it’s just a square building. All you have to do is turn down the one branching-off hallway and run all the way to the end. Bobo is standing at the end doing the Take the L dance. You can use colas to get to him faster and make a quick escape back to the corners, so you aren’t trapped by a bot in the hall.

Where to find Bobo at Complex in Evade

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Complex is a little more challenging to locate Bobo since there are multiple levels, many of which look identical. Bobo is situated in one of the back storage rooms. To find him, head to level C3, which you can check by looking at the various pillars in the parking garage. Once you notice you are on the correct level, open the doors and navigate through the multiple rooms. Bobo is located near an office space with a back kitchen.

Where to find Bobo at Seraph Research in Evade

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Finding Bobo at the Seraph Research location is not too tricky, but reaching him is the more challenging part. You will have to jump up to the very top of the Research Building, where a staircase is located. To do this, you can use colas and attempt to super jump off of the objects around the outside of the building, or you can create a private server and use the VIP controls to up your jump height. Once you get to the top, go down the staircase and open the door. Two Bobos are waiting for you inside.

Where to find Bobo at Drab in Evade

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This is a dark map with lots to look at and complex obstacles to climb over, but there is a Bobo that can be spotted on top of one of the high blocks. First, you’ll want to make your way to the house-shaped block with ramps leading up to the top. This is one of the highest locations you can stand on the map and a popular spot for players to go to escape the bots. Once you reach there, you can look across and to the right to see Bobo standing on an edge. Unfortunately, you cannot reach him on this map since the spot is blocked off.

Where to find Bobo at Desert Bus in Evade

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The Desert Bus is a pretty desolate map in Evade with few places for players or Bobo to hide. However, you can glitch view inside the building to take a peek at its contents. All you have to do is press O to change your POV to the third person, stick your arm against the side of the building, and move your camera with your mouse until you can see inside. A whole party of Bobos can be found inside the largest wood warehouse.

Bobo is also rumored to be hiding somewhere in the Backrooms, but it remains a legend since the Backrooms are a neverending maze of darkness and the most complicated map to navigate. However, you can still have fun locating Bobo in the other great maps and challenge yourself to find all of them without getting caught by the bots. Good luck!

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