After entering the Hall of Fame, you now have access to the Battle Area. You can sail to it from Snowpoint City. In the Battle Area is the Battle Tower, where many talented trainers from all over the in-game globe gather to test their battle skills. Winning consecutive matches in the Battle Tower grants you battle points (BP), which you can use to exchange for rewards.

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Below is the complete list of everything you can purchase from the Battle Tower, including their specific uses, in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Table of Contents
Ability Patch (200 BP)

Ability Capsule (50 BP)

Bottle Cap (25 BP)

Rare Candy (20 BP)

PP Up (10 BP)

Vitamins (1 BP)

Lucky Egg (77 BP)

Power items (10 BP)

EV berries (1 BP)

Life Orb (25 BP)

Toxic Orb (16 BP)

Flame Orb (16 BP)

Herbs (15 BP)

Bright Power (48 BP)

Choice items (25 BP)

Muscle Band (48 BP)

Focus Band (48 BP)

Focus Sash (15 BP)

Scope Lens (48 BP)

Light Clay (15 BP)

Lucky Punch (7 BP)

Evolution items (5 BP)

Mints (50 BP)


Ability Patch (200 BP)

Giving a Pokémon an Ability Patch allows it to unlock its Hidden Ability. Hidden Abilities are different per species, but they’ve very deadly and often essential for competitive battling.

Ability Capsule (50 BP)

Each Pokémon normally has two abilities (not counting its Hidden Ability). The Ability Capsule will allow you to switch a Pokemon’s ability to its other one.

Bottle Cap (25 BP)

Bottle Caps are used to Hyper Train Pokémon at level 100. Hyper Training can raise one (or more) of your Pokemon’s IVs—values that people couldn’t change in the original Diamond and Pearl games. IVs are like a Pokemon’s genetics, and they determine how good a Pokémon is from birth.

You can Hyper Train Pokémon by giving bottle caps to the man standing left of the PC in the middle of the two Battle Tower reward counters.

Rare Candy (20 BP)

Raises a Pokemon’s level by one. You can also find a finite number in the overworld, which we have detailed in this Rare Candy guide.

PP Up (10 BP)

This raises the max PP of a Pokemon’s move by a small amount. You usually need three PP UPs to max out a move’s raisable PP.

Vitamins (1 BP)

Vitamins raise a particular stat’s EV by 10. You can buy them from the Veilstone Department Store, 2F for 9,800 Pokédollars as well. All six of them are available in the Battle Tower:

  • Protein (+Attack)
  • Iron (+Defense)
  • Calcium (+Special Attack)
  • Zinc (+Special Defense)
  • Carbos (+Speed)
  • HP Up (+HP)

Lucky Egg (77 BP)

This will allow the Pokémon holding it to double the EXP they receive. You can find a Lucky Egg in the Grand Underground, but you must purchase them here if you want more.

Power items (10 BP)

These EV training items double the number of EV points the Pokémon holding it receives. There are six of them available:

  • Power Bracer (+Attack)
  • Power Belt (+Defense)
  • Power Lens (+Special Attack
  • Power Band (+Special Defense)
  • Power Anklet (+Speed)
  • Power Weight (+HP)

EV berries (1 BP)

If you want to reset your Pokemon’s EVs, you need to give them one of six berries:

  • Pomeg Berry (lowers HP)
  • Kelpsy Berry (lowers Attack)
  • Qualot Berry (lowers Defense)
  • Hondew Berry (lowers Special Attack)
  • Grepa Berry (lowers Special Defense)
  • Tamato Berry (lowers Speed)

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Each berry lowers EVs by 10 points. However, the first berry given will lower Pokemon’s EV stat to 100 no matter its initial value. Therefore, you will only need a maximum of 11 of the same berry to reset a specific stat’s EV fully.

Life Orb (25 BP)

The Life Orb boosts every Pokémon move’s power by 30 percent. However, the Pokémon loses a little HP after every offensive move used.

Toxic Orb (16 BP)

A Pokémon that holds the Toxic Orb becomes badly poisoned after one turn. It’s normally given to Pokémon with a Poison Heal ability, such as Breloom. It also works great with a Pokémon who knows Facade.

Flame Orb (16 BP)

A Pokémon that holds the Flame Orb becomes badly burned after one turn. It’s normally given to Pokémon with a Flame Absorb ability such as Rapidash and Ninetails. It also works great with a Pokémon who knows Facade.

Herbs (15 BP)

These single-use held items offer different effects regular medicine cannot provide during battle.

  • White Herb (resets all lowered stats)
  • Mental Herb (cures Infatuation)
  • Power Herb (allows a Pokémon to execute two turn moves instantly, like Solar Beam, for the duration of the battle)

Bright Power (48 BP)

When held by a Pokémon, it lowers the accuracy of all moves that target it by 10 percent.

Choice items (25 BP)

When held by a Pokémon, it boosts a particular stat by 50 percent but only allows them to use one move. There are three available:

  • Choice Band (boosts Attack)
  • Choice Specs (boosts Special Attack)
  • Choice Scarf (boosts Speed)

Muscle Band (48 BP)

When held by a Pokémon, it boosts the power of its physical moves by 10 percent.

Focus Band (48 BP)

When held by a Pokémon, it may endure a KO attack with one HP.

Focus Sash (15 BP)

A single-use held item. Like the Focus Band, it allows the Pokémon to hold on at one HP after a KO hit. However, the Pokémon needs to take the blow at full HP to be used.

Scope Lens (48 BP)

When held by a Pokémon, it boosts their critical-hit ratio by 1.5x.

Light Clay (15 BP)

When held by a Pokémon, it allows protective moves like Light Screen and Reflects to last for eight turns.

Lucky Punch (7 BP)

An item that will only have an effect when held by Chansey. It will boost her critical-hit ratio by two stages.

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Evolution items (5 BP)

These items let certain Pokémon evolve when given. Some of them have additional effects when held.

  • Razor Claw (When held by any Pokémon, it boosts their critical-hit ratio by 1.5x. Players can also use it to evolve Sneasel into Weavile)
  • Razor Fang (When held by any Pokémon, the target of its attacks has a 10 percent chance of flinching. It also allows Gligar to evolve into Gliscor)
  • Protector (lets Rhydon evolve into a Rhyperior)
  • Reaper Cloth (lets Dusclops evolve into a Dusknoir)
  • Upgrade (lets Porygon evolve into a Porygon2)
  • Dubious Disc (lets Porygon evolve into a Porygon-Z)

Mints (50 BP)

Every Pokemon has a nature, which dictates what stat grow 10 percent faster and what will grow 10 percent slower. For example, an Adamant Pokémon will have its Attack grow 10 percent faster but its Special Attack 10 percent slower. Mints allow you to change the stat-growth pattern without messing with a Pokémon’s nature.

  • Lonely Mint (+Attack, -Defense)
  • Adamant Mint (+Attack, -Special Attack)
  • Naughty Mint (+Attack, -Special Defense)
  • Brave Mint (+Attack, -Speed)
  • Bold Mint (+Defense, -Attack)
  • Impish Mint (+Defense, -Special Attack)
  • Lax Mint (+Defense, -Special Defense)
  • Relaxed Mint (+Defense, -Speed)
  • Modest Mint (+Special Attack, -Attack)
  • Mild Mint (+Special Attack, -Defense)
  • Rash Mint (+Special Attack, -Special Defense)
  • Quiet Mint (+Special Attack, -Speed)
  • Calm Mint (+Special Defense, -Attack)
  • Gentle Mint (+Special Defense, -Defense)
  • Careful Mint (+Special Defense, -Special Attack)
  • Sassy Mint (+Special Defense, -Speed)
  • Timid Mint (+Speed, – Attack)
  • Hasty Mint (+Speed, -Defense)
  • Jolly Mint (+Speed, -Special Attack)
  • Naive Mint (+Speed, -Special Defense)
  • Serious Mint (equal growth on all stats)


  • TM04 Calm Mind (48 BP)
  • TM06 Toxic (32 BP)
  • TM08 Bulk Up (48 BP)
  • TM26 Earthquake (80 BP)
  • TM30 Shadow Ball (64 BP)
  • TM31 Brick Break (40 BP)
  • TM36 Sludge Bomb (80 BP)
  • TM40 Aerial Ace (40 BP)
  • TM45 Attract (32 BP)
  • TM53 Energy Ball (64 BP)
  • TM59 Dragon Pulse (80 BP)
  • TM61 Will-o-Wisp (32 BP)
  • TM71 Stone Edge (80 BP)
  • TM73 Thunderwave (32 BP)
  • TM81 X-Scissor (64 BP)
  • TM93 Cut (32 BP)
  • TM94 Fly (40 BP)
  • TM95 Surf (64 BP)
  • TM96 Strength (40 BP)
  • TM97 Defog (32 BP)
  • TM98 Rock Smash (40 BP)
  • TM99 Waterfall (64 BP)
  • TM100 Rock Climb (32 BP)

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