Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors is keeping with the three-map rotation for Battle Royale mode, and the choices this season are better than last season. While the map update for Storm Point isn’t that impressive, and one week of only that map may be grueling for some, the other two maps in rotation are the two fan favorites: Olympus and World’s Edge. Yes, this means that Kings Canyon is taking its turn in the vault for Season 13. Let’s take a closer look.

Season 13: Saviors Battle Royale Map Rotation

  • Monstrous Storm Point
    Introduced: Season 11: Escape
    Last Major Update: Season 13: Saviors
  • Decimated World’s Edge
    Introduced: Season 3: Meltdown
    Last Major Update: Season 10: Emergence
  • Sabotaged Olympus
    Introduced: Season 7: Ascension
    Last Major Update: Season 11: Escape

Vaulted Maps (not in rotation)

  • Obliterated Kings Canyon
    Introduced: Pre-Launch
    Last Major Update: Season 8: Mayhem

These rotations can be circumvented for special events or limited-time modes, but for the most part, these will be the three maps in play for Battle Royale Trios and Duos.

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