Twitch is usually not very specific about their prohibited words. Twitch prohibits users from using racial, homophobic, or sexist slurs. Despite that broad wording, Twitch has explicitly forbidden the use of three words, and any streamer or user who uses those words will be automatically banned.

Twitch’s banned word list

Below are a few examples of behaviors that can lead to a ban. An easy way to remember this is always to be nice to everyone. There are three words that Twitch will ban anyone after using:

  • Incel (involuntary celibate) – A person who considers themselves unable to attract other people sexually, typically hostile to those who engage in sexual activity.
  • Virgin – A person who has never engaged in sexual activity.
  • Simp – Someone who does too much for someone they like who does not reciprocate their feelings.

Twitch specifically named those three terms, which is rare, but they have been banned in the past. Twitch does not permit slurs of any kind in general.

What is considered harassment on Twitch?

Streamers and chat viewers cannot marginalize anyone based on their religious or political views, ethnicity or race, gender or gender identity, or sexual preference. While a heated argument may not be fun, it’s usually harassment if someone singles out something about you with bigotry, sexism, homophobia, or racism.

Additionally, users are prohibited from inciting violence against each other. You can’t try to get the chat or streamer to be hostile towards anyone else.

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