Halo Infinite’s campaign features numerous collectibles to find. This includes audio logs, skulls, armor lockers, and broadcast towers. Seeking these Banished Propaganda Towers out may take some time, but if you listen out for them, it will make things easier.

There are 40 Banished Propaganda Towers to find. They are spread out across Zeta Halo. They appear as towers with a fusion core in the bottom. Players will need to destroy the power source to mark them as complete. Here are the locations for all 40 Banished Propaganda Towers in Halo Infinite.

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If you need more help finding other collectibles, check out the MapGenie Halo Infinite campaign map!

Screenshot via 343 Industries and MapGenie

There are a lot of Banished Propaganda Towers to find and destroy. We recommend starting from the northernmost point of Zeta Halo and working your way down as you go. Alternatively, a flying vehicle will let you quickly go to each one. You don’t even have to get out to destroy them if your aim is good enough!

Screenshot via 343 Industries and MapGenie

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