Fortnite has just released their entire line of Balenciaga outfits in the game. Along with it came a punchcard with two quests for players to complete that each provide exclusive rewards. In this guide, provide the list of quests, a quick rundown on how to complete them, and what rewards you’ll receive. It’s a short list of only two quests, so you should be able to complete them with relative ease!

Here is the list of quests and their rewards:

  • Emote in Front of Doggo Graffiti in Retail Row, Believer Beach, or Steamy Stacks
    • Reward: Fashion Doggo Spray
    • Tip: The Doggo Graffiti in Retail Row can be found on the northern outside wall of the large market building on the northern edge of town. You can also find a Doggo Graffiti in Stealthy Stronghold and emote there to complete the quest!
  • Collect Triple S Sneakers in the Strange Times Featured Hub
    • Reward: Knight Looks Spray
    • Tip: There are 30 pairs of sneakers inside the shop. Check inside there, look on all the shelves, and be sure to take the stairs to the upper floor. This is the best place to collect most of the 40 that you need. The remaining 10 can be found outside.

That covers all the rewards and quests for the Balenciaga punchcard! We told you it was short!

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