Back 4 Blood has finally been released for PC and consoles, meaning lovers of Left 4 Dead can return to cooperative zombie-slaying with up to three friends, slaying Ridden through the game’s lengthy campaign. Players can enjoy the story mode on various difficulties, but more than just Ridden intensity changes between Recruit, Veteran, and Nightmare.

There are three separate difficulties for the Back 4 Blood campaign, each with different modifiers and increased AI intelligence. We’ve listed each of the game’s three difficulties and their passive effects below:

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  • Recruit
    • Corruption Card Pool: Limited
    • Friendly Fire: Disabled
    • -50% Supply Points awarded to players
  • Veteran
    • Corruption Card Pool: Average
    • Friendly Fire: causes 35% damage to allies
    • Average level of Supply Points earned
  • Nightmare
    • Corruption Card Pool: Maximum
    • Friendly Fire: causes 60% damage to allies
    • +50% Supply Points awarded to players

We recommend playing the game through once on Recruit to unlock some of the game’s more influential Cards before attempting Veteran and Nightmare mode. Learning how the game and Card system works is key to overcoming the more harrowing versions of Back 4 Blood.

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