Pikmin Bloom is the latest project by Niantic and will be the next installment in the Pikmin series. It will feature the collecting nature of the mainline games but does not include the combat and puzzles seen in those games. There are many different types of Pikmin that each has unique attributes and are better suited to different environments.

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You may be wondering what Pikmin will be in Pikmon Bloom. The original game started with three, and each sequel introduced new ones. Whether or not Pikmin Bloom will introduce new ones is unknown, but you can see all Pikmin seen in the trailer and available in Pikmin Bloom below.

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Pikmin TypeFirst Appearance
Red PikminPikmin
Blue PikminPikmin
Yellow PikminPikmin
White PikminPikmin 2
Purple PikminPikmin 2
Rock PikminPikmin 3
Winged PikminPikmin 3

While Pikmin can come in many different types, they also have different stages. At first, Pikmin will have a leaf on their heads. Eventually, these will turn into buds and finally into flowers. Seen throughout the trailer for Pikmin Bloom are what appear to be costumes and masks that players may be able to earn in-game and dress their Pikmin in. You can see the official trailer below.

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