Steelrising is a new soulslike by developer Spiders. In Steelrising, you play as Aegis, a sentient automate on a mission to overthrow the Tyrant King in the French Revolution. Aegis will have four class options, and you will choose between the six attributes that will buff Aegis’s ability as you level up. Here are all attributes in Steelrising and what they mean.


The Power attribute increases your damage with Power Affinity weapons and your Impact. Impact is how much enemies will stagger on hit; if Impact is high enough, this can also knock enemies over.


The Agility attribute increases your damage with Agility Affinity weapons and your Immobilization. Immobilization is the gauge inside the diamond reticle when you’ve locked on to a target. Once complete, it will immobilize the target allowing a critical attack follow-up.

Elemental Alchemy

The Elemental Alchemy attribute increases your damage with Alchemy Affinity weapons and Flame, Frost, and Fulmination resistances. This attribute is best used for builds that focus on Alchemical damage.


Durability increases your total Health and Balance. Balance is a percentage stat that affects how well you can withstand a hit when charging a heavy attack.


Vigor increases your total Endurance and Critical Hit Multiplier. You can only perform critical Hits on targets that are immobilized. Vigor is best combined with Agility, as you can immobilize the target and perform critical hits.


Engineering increases your ArmorAffliction Multiplier and Loot Multiplier. Armor is your resistance to physical damage received. Affliction Multiplier is the damage your Alchemical Afflictions will do once applied to enemies. Loot Multiplier is your chance of loot dropping from enemies defeated.

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