Lost Ark is an upcoming Diablo-esque game slated to be released in Autumn of 2021. To hype up the game for would-be fans, they have released some information about the classes and abilities, which can be found on the official Lost Ark website.

Note: There is information on some websites which indicates that there might be more abilities for each class. This information is unconfirmed, so we have opted to not include those abilities in this list. The lists below contain only the abilities confirmed on the official website.


The following abilities are listed on the official Lost Ark website for the Shadowhunter class.

Demon VisionShoot a ray of demonic energy forward to inflict damage and knock enemies back. Damage dealt increases the longer the attack is charged.Video
Sharpened CutSpin around in a circle and slice through enemies to inflict damage.Video
Fallen RuinJump in the air and shoot a ray of energy at the ground to inflict damage and cause an explosion that knocks enemies back. The skill can only be used while in Demonize mode.Video
Demonic CloneCall a demon to attack with you as you punch twice and strike the ground to deal heavy damage.Video
Spinning WeaponLaunch the weapon on your left arm forward to inflict damage, then use the skill again to launch the weapon on your right arm forward that gradually deals damage.Video

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The following abilities are listed on the official Lost Ark website for the Deathblade class.

Flash BlinkDash toward the cursor and slash enemies with your sword to deal damage and launch them up. This skill can pierce enemy guardians.Video
Spin CutterSpin toward the cursor direction. Use this skill up to two times in a row.Video
Soul AbsorberCharge your attack and thrust forward to deal damage that scales up the longer you charge it.Video
Blitz RushCharge forward to attack and deal damage. If the skill is overcharged it will deal additional damage and knock enemies up in the air.Video
Moonlight SonicSweep your weapon in front of you that pulls enemies in and deals damage.Video

That’s it for the advanced classes and abilities for the Assassin class!

We also have a list of the abilities for other classes! Check out our guides for the Mage Class and Warrior Class!

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