Both Ascendant and Trivia Mysteries can be found across the Shattered Realm: Ruins of Wrath in Destiny 2. Unlike the other collectibles like the Ascendant Anchors and trivial or enigmatic chests, Ascendant Mysteries are a mix of a quest, boss fight, and final chest. They aren’t hidden like the other types of collectibles and instead are part of the main aspect of the Ruins of Wrath. There are two available within the Ruins of Wrath, called Lord of the Undercroft and Light the Way. We’ll go over where each one is located, how to get there, and how to defeat the final boss/bosses.

Ascendant Mystery One: Lord of the Undercroft

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After collecting all of the chests and ascendant anchors around the first beacon, players will discover a glowing platform. This is the beginning of the ascendant mystery. Stand on the glowing platform until the door at the bottom of the tower opens.

Walk into the tower and hop gently between platforms until reaching the bottom level. Grab the barrier breach here to walk through the barriers and head further below. In the undercroft of the tower, players will have to face off against Scoroboth, Son of Xivu Arath.

During the fight, players can hit the True Sight to reveal floating platforms within the arena. Hop up them to discover a trivial chest and an ascendant anchor. Then head back to the True Sight Evoker to find the Memory Cache. Players can use the Suppress Field of Strife before grabbing the next barrier breach.

Follow the orb of light to an enigmatic mystery chest and the first Relic. Bring the Relic back through the barriers and throw it at the Son of Xivu Arath to break his shield. Once this is done, players will have enough time to take roughly a third of his health before he becomes invulnerable once more.

Once he goes invulnerable, players will need to take out his minions to get the Relic back and throw it at him once more. The Relic will be down below in the pit behind where the Son of Xivu Arath stood. After collecting the Relic, he should appear nearby and players can once again take out a third of his health. This will need to be repeated one more time to defeat him. In the room where players defeat him and grab the last spawn point for the Relic, the mystery will appear in the chest on the throne after the Son of Xivu Arath is defeated.

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Ascendant Mystery 2: Light the Way

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After defeating the Soulfire Exarch in the Debris Field, the glowing red platform will appear for players to begin the second Ascendant Mystery. All players need to activate it is the flame from the Soulfire’s body. Carry it over to the quest marker to begin.

Players can drop the fire near the plate so they can collect all of the collectibles in this area before starting the mystery. Just be aware, that the flame can despawn if it is left on the ground for too long. If this happens, players will need to go back and defeat the Soulfire Exarch once more. After collecting all the extras, players can place the flame in the basin.

Once lit, this will open several portals around this base. Using the symbols around the tops of the pillar, one of the symbols should match one of the portals. Only go through portals that match one of the symbols above. Each one will have a Soulfire Exarch for players to defeat on the other side of it and a new basin to light.

After being defeated, players will receive a quest marker to pick up a distant flame. Instead, players will need to go back through the portal and grab their original flame to bring through the portal. Light the new basin to receive three new portals. Check all of the symbols above them and only go through the one that was referenced inside the original portal room.

Players will simply repeat this process until they have entered all of the correct portals. Through the final portal, players will need to climb to the top of the tower here and defeat the Soulfire Hierarch. Then use the True Sight here to follow the floating platforms over to a separate area to find the second Ascendant Mystery chest.

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All Other Triumphs Available

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With this in hand, players will have both of the Ascendant Mysteries completed within the Shattered Realm: Ruins of Wrath! Despite this, there are still plenty of other Triumphs that players can pursue. Players can get all of these in one go, however, they take a very close and concentrated eye to find every single one.

All Ruins of Wrath Triumphs

  • Wayfinding Wrath
  • Aloft Adrift
  • Harrowed Halls
  • Eclipsed Cache
  • Trivial Wayfinding Wrath
  • Below
  • In Light’s Reach
  • Turret Treasure
  • Kamacite Coffer
  • Chrondite Cache
  • Impactor Cache
  • The Deep
  • Pallasite Cache
  • Howardite Cache
  • Spire’s Reach
  • Caches of Wrath
  • Hive Movements
  • Wrathful Maneuvers
  • The Loop

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