Artifacts throughout the various worlds of Ark: Survival Evolved offers some interesting decorative items that must be sought out. Each artifact emits a small amount of light, allowing players to find them somewhat easily. However, if players don’t know what artifacts they are looking for, this can be a difficult task.

Artifact of the Hunter

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To the far northwest, players can find the Artifact of the Hunter in a tunneling cave system. This cave system will be full of insect dinosaurs and little blue-green glowing mushrooms. Enter through the northern entrance into the cave system and take the first right. Follow this path and at every branching pathway turn right. Players will know they’ve reached it once they find the doorway that is almost completely closed off. Crawl under this walled-off archway to reach the artifact through the path ahead. It is at the exact coordinates of 36.4 latitude by 16 longitude.

Artifact of the Pack

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The next of the artifacts is slightly east of the Artifact of the Hunter at latitude 35.4 by longitude 32.2 in another cave. Players can find this cave entrance by following up the stream here. After entering the cave head through the single archway inside. Follow the path of glowing green flowers down and past the waterfall deep inside. Keep left on this path, the artifact will be off to the right on a slightly elevated section after players make it through the spiderwebs.

Artifact of the Clever

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The cave entrance hiding the Artifact of the Clever is underwater. This area is northeast of the previous artifact in one of the small lakes around 25.4 latitude by 43 longitude. After entering through the watery entrance, players will find a dry path on the other side.

Keep right along this path and keep taking each of the archways right. Players will enter an area with glowing lush pink and lavender foliage appearing like foliage. After entering this area, players will need to take the first archway left and keep left. After the waterfall, take a right, followed by an almost immediate left. Players will find this artifact in the center of an Araneo nest.

Artifact of the Strong

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Artifact of the Strong is found in the cave system behind the middle waterfall in the long line of waterfalls from the plateau east of the previous cave system. Keep right when initially entering the cave, head straight at the first intersection, then right at the following one. Take the next left, followed by a right after the bridge, then another left and right.

Following this path, players will be led down to a waterfall with several Carnotaurus. Just slighting into the waterfall’s pool, players will need to make an immediate right. Once the path splits, take a left followed by a right. When it opens up again, take a right then jump down to the plateau to reach this artifact. This will be at latitude 29.4 and longitude 54.7.

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Artifact of the Immune

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This artifact can be found in a cave to the far northeast before entering the peninsula. Cautiously head down into this dark cave with lava falls and giant purple crystals. Keep straight between the two main lava falls near the entrance, then take a right near the Magmasaur. When the path opens up again, keep right, passing by the path up.

Close to the lava pools on the right, players should use a grappling hook to pull themselves up to the cliff on the left wall. This is where the artifact is hiding, around latitude 24.2, longitude 68.9.

Artifact of the Cunning

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South of the previous location, players can find the next cave around 55.7 latitude by 71 longitude. Follow the path down, then take a right to see the gaping basin in the cave and a large boat on the other side. Use a grappling hook to cross the gap. Past the Onycs enter the ship’s broken hull and keep left to go across the bridge on the other side of it.

Take the first archway to the left and keep right. In the second open area with giant orange mushrooms, keep to the left side of the cavern and jump through to cross the waterfall. Once players reach the other side of the middle pillar, they will be able to see the artifact on the plateau sticking out of the pillar.

Artifact of the Skylord

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This artifact is close to the green hub under the waterfall, around 58.4 latitude by 57 longitude. Initially, keep right, on the dry side of the path. Near the large glowing orange crystals, jump down to the archway beside the river below to the left. Past the open chasm, keep left. Players should find this artifact just past the Araneo nest through the right archway.

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Artifact of the Devious

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Near the center of the southern area, players can find this cave system at 58.9 latitude by 47.4 longitude. Dive into the water to find the cave opening at the bottom of this lake. Use an underwater mount to quickly swim down through this area. Head all the way down and take the only open path from here back up to a dry cave system.

Take the first archway to the right in the cave, once it opens up, take the opening to the left. This leads into the maze ruins. Make sure to avoid the pressure plates here as they will spawn several different types of monsters. The other thing players should look out for are the small metal ports on the walls, these will shoot tranquilizer darts. To keep them from shooting, hug the wall and cross directly in front of the ports.

Keep straight through the ruins, until the path turns left, then take the first archway to the right. When the path diverts again, take a hard right. Once this opens up, take a hard left and go up the stairs. Go straight through the main door at the top of the stairs. Keep along this path and take the first open path to the left past the Arthroplueras. Stay straight, then head up another set of stairs. Keep straight and follow the path, until players reach the grated opening on the left wall.

To open this room, go into the room full of barrels just past it. Behind the barrels will be a hidden brick switch in the wall. This will open the wall between the two rooms, allowing access to the artifact.

Artifact of the Massive

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This artifact can be found in the same ruined maze as the last artifact. From that position at 57.8 latitude and 45.8 longitude, players can make their way to the next artifact. Head into the room on the opposite side of the first barrel room. Open the red gate with another wall button hidden between the barrels. Keep on the path and take the first archway on the left.

This room contains the Artifact, but players must press the button on the pillar with a body leaning against it on the right side of the room to access the area.

Artifact of the Devourer

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This artifact can be found in an underwater ship ruin near the rock pillars in the ocean to the far southwest at 78.5 latitude by 20.7 longitude. Players will need some scuba gear and a hatchet to break into the cargo hold of the ship.

Swim down to the bottom of the ocean here and enter the ship through a large hole near the front end. Players should be able to see the artifact glowing purple through the floorboards here. Simply break through them with the hatchet to collect this artifact.

Artifact of the Brute

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The last of the artifacts can be found in a cave system in the desert biome in the far southeastern corner. This is another waterfall entrance at the bottom of the canyon. Follow the stream, and keep left. Once the path completely diverges, take the path to the right. After passing through the small crevice, the cave should open up, revealing the artifact on a cliff to the right. Simply use a grappling hook to reach the area quickly.

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