Hitboxes in Apex Legends are a major point of interest to many players, and a bit of a headache for Respawn Entertainment, when it comes to the balance of the game and which Legends are preferred over others. Respawn constantly tweaks character hitboxes in order to maintain the balance of the game, but as with many things in a living game, these hitboxes are a work-in-progress.

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Certain characters, like Gibraltar and Caustic, are larger than others, with larger hitboxes, and are given the Fortified perk which reduces the amount of damage they take. Other, smaller Legends like Wraith used to have the Low Profile perk which made them take more damage, but this has been removed altogether for the sake of balance. Instead, Respawn has modified her hitbox, as well as those of Lifeline and, just recently, Wattson.

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Apex Legends Wattson hitbox changes
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Hitbox information is not general public knowledge, though on occasion Respawn will release a comparison image like the one above in an update’s patch notes. Some savvy Apex Legends and data miners will extrapolate what information they can, but there is not much up-to-date information on all the character hitboxes in Season 11: Escape. For example, there is almost no information on the hitbox for the latest Legend, Ashe.

There is a plethora of older information available online, but as of right now all the concrete information players have to go by is that Gibraltar and Caustic are large and have the Fortified perk, but the rest of the Legends are not and do not.

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