Pokemon Unite has a login bonus for their anniversary, giving away many Unite Licenses and Holowear to players for free. Additionally, the game has two special offers that include more Holowear. The first is a box that players can open on their seventh login day, giving them an Orange or Purple Unite set. The second is 20% off select Holowear in the Bargain Shop. These are all the Anniversary Holowear in Pokemon Unite.

All Pokemon Unite Anniversary Login Rewards

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Players can log into Pokemon Unite for seven days to receive the following rewards:

  • Pikachu – Unite License and Fashionable Style Holowear
  • Lucario – Unite License and Concert Style Holowear
  • Blastoise – Unite License and Firefighter Style Holowear
  • Snorlax – Unite License and Bedtime Style Holowear
  • Sylveon – Unite License and Checkered Style Holowear

If players already have the Holowear or license for the selected Pokemon, players will instead get 100 Aeo Coins for them.

Login Bonus Pack Holowear for Pokemon Unite

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For 60 Aeo gems, players can receive one of 12 Holowear sets.

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  • Eldegoss – Orange and Purple Unite Style
  • Pikachu – Orange and Purple Unite Style
  • Snorlax – Orange and Purple Unite Style
  • Charizard – Orange and Purple Unite Style
  • Talonflame – Orange and Purple Unite Style
  • Espeon – Orange and Purple Unite Style

All Bargain Shop Holowear for Pokemon Unite

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During the anniversary event in Pokemon Unite, these selected Holowears are 20% off.

  • Wigglytuff – Bedtime Style
  • Alolan Ninetales – Theater Style
  • Cinderace – Space Style
  • Charizard – Armor Style
  • Greedent – Frontier Style
  • Tsareena – Frontier Style
  • Cramorant – Cook Style
  • Greedent – Tuxedo Style
  • Snorlax – Concert Style
  • Slowbro – Tuxedo Style
  • Blastoise – Tuxedo Style
  • Gengar – Masked Style
  • Blissey – Checkered Style
  • Eldegoss – Fashionable Style
  • Sylveon – Poncho Style
  • Greninja – Fashionable Style
  • Gardevoir – Fashionable Style
  • Blastoise – Fashionable Style
  • Mr. Mime – Magician Style
  • Venusaur – Suit Style
  • Snorlax – Cook Style
  • Machamp – Adept Style
  • Alolan Ninetales – Sacred Style

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