Aside from fishes, there are three types of animals in Sea of Thieves: Chickens, Snakes, and Pigs. As one of the most commonly sought-after valuables from the Merchant Crew Alliance, players often look for these animals to turn them in for Gold Coins.

Unfortunately, there is no specific instruction in the game that tells you where to find the animals. In this guide, we provide the entire list of islands where you can find each animal. Each list is separated by animal and section of the map.


Ancient IslesShores of PlentyThe Wilds
Barnacle CayCannon CoveBlack Water Enclave
Chicken IsleMermaid’s HideawayMarauder’s Arch
Crook’s HollowRapier CayOld Faithful Isle
Discovery RidgeSailor’s BountyScurvy Isley
Mutineer RockSalty SandsShipwreck Bay
Old Salts AtollSea Dog’s RestThe Crooked Masts
Plunder ValleySmuggler’s BayTri-Rock Isle
Shark Bait CoveTwin Groves
Thieves’ HavenWanderers Refuge

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Ancient IslesShores of PlentyThe Wilds
Devil’s RidgeBoulder CayBlind Man’s Lagoon
Fools LagoonCannon CoveKraken’s Fall
Lookout PointCrescent IsleOld Faithful Isle
Mutineer RockMermaid’s HideawayPlunderer’s Plight
Paradise SpringRum Runner IsleShark Tooth Key
Shark Bait CoveSailor’s BountyShipwreck Bay
Snake IslandSea Dog’s RestShiver Retreat
Thieves’ HavenThe Sunken Grove


Ancient IslesShores of PlentyThe Wilds
Booty IsleCrescent IsleBlack Sands Atoll
Castaway IsleLagoon of WhispersIsle of Last Words
Crook’s HollowLone CoveKraken’s Fall
Cutlass CayLonely IsleLiar’s Backbone
Devil’s RidgePicaroon PalmsMarauder’s Arch
Discovery RidgeSandy ShallowsThe Crooked Masts
Snake IslandSmuggler’s BayThe Sunken Grove
Wanderer’s Refuge

Those are all the locations of the animals currently in the game!

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