The Ancient Cookies of Cookie Run: Kingdom are better known as “the Five”—a group of Cookies with the purest Soul Jams who set off to defeat the Dark Enchantress once upon a time. Each one of them fell in battle, leaving behind four Kingdoms and shattered Souls.

Players who have completed both normal and Dark modes in World Adventure would have formally met White Lily Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, and Hollyberry Cookie, while Golden Cheese and Dark Cacao have yet to interact with GingerBrave’s party.

Currently, both Pure Vanilla and Hollyberry Cookie are playable characters—so the rest are expected to follow suit in future updates. Get to know all the Ancient Cookies and how to get them below.

Pure Vanilla Cookie

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Pure Vanilla Cookie founded the Vanilla Kingdom before eventually relinquishing his position and allowing it to independently grow as a democracy. In battle, he’s a Healing Cookie who specializes in ensuring the team’s survivability. He’s one of the two Ancient Cookies that can currently be obtained.

Hollyberry Cookie

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Hollyberry Cookie loves the Hollyberry Kingdom dearly, having led it to various victories in the past. However, her deep sense of responsibility forced her to withdraw from her position as ruler after facing defeat in the Dark Flour War. Hollyberry is one of the two Ancient Cookies that can be obtained, and she’s a powerful ally to have in any party. As a Defense Cookie, her incredible tank prowess can sustain the team against the most powerful damage dealers.

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White Lily Cookie

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White Lily Cookie was a soft-spoken academic genius who was miles ahead of her peers. Her obsession with knowledge forced her to cross the line and study the Dark Moon Magic, which eventually led to the destruction of the Blueberry Yogurt Academy. She has also been hinted to have experimented with life alchemy-like Magic.

Dark Cacao Cookie

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Little is known about Dark Cacao Cookie, who locked himself away after the tragic events of the Dark Flour War. However, he possesses an amazing level of strength, given the fact that it takes at least three average Cookies to move the Grapejam Chocoblade—Dark Cacao’s signature weapon.

Golden Cheese Cookie

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Golden Cheese Cookie is the embodiment of a tyrannical queen who rules the Golden Cheese Valley with a golden fist. But other than ruling over Cheesebirds, little is known about Golden Cheese and what she’s been up to since the conclusion of the Dark Flour War.

How to Get Ancient Cookies

Upon their release, Ancient Cookies are welcomed with an event that includes the Nether-Gacha, which players can pull from using limited event currency. This currency can usually be obtained by playing the game and completing event tasks.

Apart from that, Ancient Cookies and their Soulstones are permanently obtainable through the Cookie Gacha at a rate of 0.054 percent. Their Soulstones can also be purchased from the Arena Medal Shop for 600 Medals each. The Shop refreshes every three days and offers the already-released Ancient Cookies’ Soulstones on rotation—but you can only purchase one for each refresh.

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