Amazon Prime Gaming has all manner of rewards for players to claim across multiple popular titles. Call of Duty Mobile is no exception, with a total of six bundles available. Note that these bundles are timed monthly releases, so you’ll want to make sure you’re checking back at the top of the month for the next release!

Call of Duty Mobile Bundles

HBRa3 Bundle (January)

  • Epic HBRa3 Assault Rifle with Moonstone
  • Rare Abominable Calling Card

Pharo Bundle (February)

  • Pharo Tigers Eye Camo
  • Big Kitty Charm

RUS-79U Bundle (March)

  • Nomad Cyberline Operator
  • SMG Cyberspace Camo

AK117 Bundle (April)

  • AR Meteor Shower Camo
  • Hot Headed Sticker

Battery Bundle (May)

  • Battery Subterfuge Operator
  • ‘There it is!’ Emote

Unknown Bundle (June)

  • TBA

How to redeem Prime Gaming bonuses in CoD Mobile

  • Find your User Unique ID (UID)
    • Select your player icon in the top left of the screen
    • Select Basic
    • Copy the UID under your profile picture
  • Visit the Call of Duty Mobile Redemptions Center and enter the required information.
  • Upon successful redemption, login to Call of Duty Mobile, and your awards will be delivered to your in-game mail.

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