Alien Artifacts are objects placed throughout the Fortnite Battle Royale island that players can pick up to use as currency for customizing Kymera, one character in this season’s Battle Pass. Since they’re dropped every week, it can be hard to keep track of all their locations. In the map and guide below, we provide the color-coded locations of all Alien Artifacts released in this season so far.


Use the map below to see the locations of each artifact. Each color represents a different week, which can be referenced in the legend shown below the map.

Alien Artifact locations up to Chapter 2 SEason 7 Week 2
Icon Legend for Weekly Alien Artifacts.


The directions below provide more distinct instructions on where to find each artifact based on the map above. The artifact locations are shown in descending order according to the release date.

Week 2

  • #2-1: Inside the large dish at Discovery Dish, on the edge of the map west of Believer Beach.
  • #2-2: Underneath the stairs of the building at the base of the Guardian Tower northeast of Pleasant Park.
  • #2-3: At the north end of the unnamed bridge south of Corny Complex and east of The Aftermath.
  • #2-4: On the corner of the small pool in Brutus’s Basin, north of Retail Row.
  • #2-5: In the building on Apollo Island, north of Misty Meadows.

Week 1

  • #1-1: In The Aftermath at the center of the map, just over the water.
  • #1-2: On the stairs of the Spire east of Believer Beach.
  • #1-3: In the smaller building outside of Durr Burger restaurant.
  • #1-4: On the watchtower west of the northern building in Catty Corner.
  • #1-5: South of the house and west of the barn at The Orchard, which is north of Corny Complex.

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