GTA Online: The Contract adds new missions, cars, and a new business to take on within the city of Los Santos. Players can purchase an Agency and get started taking on missions to recover Dr. Dre’s unreleased music. After purchasing an Agency, players unlock a number of helpful perks and abilities to use. Here are all the perks and abilities that you can get by owning an Agency.

Vehicles and Travel

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After purchasing an Agency, players can talk to the receptionist in the lobby to leave the Agency in the player’s vehicle, a Helicopter, or fast travel to areas within Los Santos. Players can also upgrade their Agency, including adding a Vehicle Workshop, which grants a free Enis Julibee SUV, a 20 car garage, and exclusive vehicle upgrades. The exclusive upgrades are the Remote Control Unit and the Missile Lock-On Jammer, both of which are extremely helpful.

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Once an Agency is purchased, your player unlocks Agency abilities through the smartphone. Calling Franklin will give you options to either summon the company SUV, fast travel, summon a weapon and ammo cache for $5000, or request Security Contracts or Payphone Hits.

Agency Ammenities

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There are several things to do at the Agency building, including interacting with Franklin’s dog Chop, playing arcade games, and even singing in the shower. Both petting Chop for the first time and singing in the shower will grant you some RP. Players can also buy the Vehicle Workshop and the Armory to access even more things to do in the Agency.

The Vehicle Workshop gives access to a 20-car garage, a free SUV, and the ability to upgrade vehicles, including the exclusive Remote Control Unit for $235,000 and the Missile Lock-On Jammer for $400,000.

The Armory upgrade gives access to an AmmuNation-type shop that sells weapons, upgrades, gear, and gives free ammunition and health.

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