Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker update changes each job in the game. These changes apply to the combat classes and the crafting and gathering jobs. The Fisher is one of the jobs that’s received some fine-tuning in the 6.0 update, so players will have to learn how to wrangle fish with new tactics.

Each of the new Actions and Traits for the Fisher Job in Endwalker is listed below, including descriptions.

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Job ActionLevel RequirementDescription
Trait: Angler’s Art15May grant a stack of Angler’s Art upon landing a large-sized fish.
Maximum Stacks: 10
Chance of being granted Angler’s Art differs between fishing and spearfishing.
Action: Thaliak’s Favor15Restores 150 GP
Angler’s Art Cost: 3
Action: Makeshift Bait48Allows the execution of Mooch even with average-sized fish.
Duration: 145 seconds
Angler’s Art Cost: 5
Action has no effect on fish caught prior to execution
Action: Vital Sight64Sharpens your vision, making fish easier to target.
Angler’s Art Cost: 2
The effect ends when you finish spearfishing at your present location.
Action: Baited Breath75Holds your breath and reduces the wariness of nearby fish.
Cannot be executed when wariness exceeds a certain threshold.
Action: Prize Catch81Guarantees the next fish caught will be a large-sized fish.
The effect ends after hooking a fish. Cancels current mooching opportunity.
Trait: Enhanced GP Regeneration III83Raises base GP regeneration rate by a total of three.
Action: Electric Current85Electrifies the water and captures all fish present in your field of vision.
Wariness of other nearby fish increases the number of fish caught.
Requires a catch counter of 10 to execute. Can only be executed once per spearfishing attempt.
Trait: Starfishing89Allows you to cast your line in space.
Action: Triple Hook90Hooks three or more fish in a single cast. Yield is determined by the fish type and your gathering rating. Some fish cannot be triple hooked.
Info via Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone

The following Actions and Traits were removed from the Fisher job in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker:

  • Gig Head
  • Calm Waters
  • Countiful Catch
  • Identical Gig
  • Fish Whisperer

To see all the updates added to Final Fantasy XIV in 6.0, head over to the 6.0 Patch page on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone.

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