Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands offers a variety of classes for players to select when heading into this fantasy adventure, with each class sporting two separate action skills that they can use. If you’re struggling to choose a character type, browse the action skills of each class to see what feels like a good fit for your playstyle.

We’ve listed each of the Action Skills for the six playable classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands as described by Gearbox below. The first action skill for each class unlocks at level two while the second unlocks at level seven.



The Brr-Zerker spins and slashes anything within melee range, gaining increased Movement Speed and Slow Immunity for the duration of this Action Skill.

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Feral Surge

The Brr-Zerker leaps toward targets, dealing Frost Damage to all enemies in the area. Non-Boss enemies below a certain health percentage instantly die. The cooldown automatically resets if Brr-Zerkers kill enemies while Feral Surge is active.

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Cleansing Flames

Clawbringers summon their Hammer and slam it into the ground, inflicting Melee Damage on all nearby enemies. This attack creates a Fire Nova that deals Fire Ability Damage to all nearby enemies.

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Storm Dragon’s Judgment

Clawbringers summon their Hammer, hurling it at enemies and dealing lightning damage to all enemies it touches. The Hammer sticks wherever it lands, dealing Lightning Melee Damage every second to nearby enemies. Clawbringers can recall the Hammer to damage enemies in its path and recharge some of their Action Skill cooldowns.

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Dire Sacrifice

Graveborns sacrifice a portion of the Current Health to deal Dark Magic Damage, applying Dark Magic Status Effects to all nearby enemies. Dire Sacrifice damage is proportional to the amount of Health sacrificed.

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Reaper of Bones

Graveborns are completely Healed, gain Health Leech Efficiency, and deal Bonus Dark Magic Damage for the duration of their Action Skill, but Health drains over time, with more Health drained each second. When Graveborns would die, they gain Invulnerability for a short time and restore some of their Health, ending Reaper of Bones.

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Spellshots turn an enemy into a Skeep for several seconds. Spellshots instead cast a free Spell on enemies immune to transformation, gaining two free stacks of Spellweaving. While Polymorph is active, players that damage the Skeep have a chance to cast a free Spell. A free Spell is guaranteed the first time the player deals Gun Damage to the Skeep. Spellshots gain a stack of Spellweaving for each free Spell they cast.

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Spellshots equip a second spell in their Action Skill slot and cast a Spell when they press the Action Skill Button.

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Spore Warden


Spore Wardens summon an Ethereal Bow, firing seven arrows that inflict Ability Damage when striking enemies. Arrows from the Ethereal Bow ricochet twice toward nearby enemies, and Barrage has several chargers. Gun Damage increases apply to Barrage as well.

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Spore Wardens conjure three Frost Cyclones that target and track enemies nearby. This Action Skill deals Frost Ability Damage over time.

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Ghost Blade

Stabbomancers throw a Ghost Blade that spins in place, inflicting Melee Damage over time to all enemies in reach based on Melee Weapon damage. Triggering the Action Skill Button while Ghost Blade is active teleports the blade to another location, slightly draining its active duration.

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From the Shadows

Stabbomancers enter Stealth granting them Invisibility. Attacks in Stealth always inflict Critical Hits, but these Critical Hits deal reduced damage.

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Players can also learn the attributes of another class by utilizing the Dual Class mechanic, gaining access the another class’s abilities and Action Skills after making their way through the story.

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