The Riftbreaker is a survival game that utilizes base-building and tower defense that sees the player colonizing the planet Galatea 37. As a single-player game, all of its achievements will be based on your accomplishments.

There are a total of 30 achievements in The Riftbreaker. Some of them are easily gotten while playing the game whereas others require specific playstyles. You can find all achievements and their description below.

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IndecisiveExplore at least 50% of a mission area before setting up your HQ in survival.
Leaving Empty HandedMr. Riggs “dies” and drops the last weapon he was holding.
Something UsefulUse 250 consumables.
Overkill?Fire 2 miniguns at the same time nonstop for 15 seconds.
Beam Me UpNo need for Scotty here. Make 101 rift jumps.
Ashley Phone HomeBuild your first Communications Hub in the campaign or the survival mode.
Get off my LawnYou really want to keep it clean. Destroy 10 000 destructibles.
I know Kung-FuUse skills 500 times.
Kaboom!Make a big bang. Place a Nuclear Mine.
I’ll do it myself…Get your hands dirty! Kill 500 aliens with Mr Riggs’ bare hands.
Strip miningLeave nothing behind. Extract at least 75% of resource veins in any map.
Horrible PersonYou are a horrible person! Exterminate 1000 neutral creatures.
The Treasure HunterNo stone unturned. Find at least 75% of hidden underground treasures on any map.
Swiss Bank AccountCreate enough storage for 50 000 carbonium.
AI drivenSimultaneously own over 100 AI cores.
All that GlittersSimultaneously mine every resource type in the game.
Going GreenComplete any Survival by building only Solar, Wind, Biomass or Geothermal powerplants.
Inspector GadgetHave all the available upgrade, consumable and weapon slots filled.
Queen BeeI am the swarm. Have 50 drones of any kind active at the same time.
Run Robot Run!Run 21 097 meters.
The Great Wall of Galatea 37Build 21 196 meters worth of walls.
Looking for a Perfect HouseBuild an outpost on 4 different biomes in campaign mode.
Investing in Liquid AssetsBuild 1500 pipe segments.
All Seeing EyeNothing gets by you. Cover at least 75% of any map with radar coverage.
ExcaliburBuild an Extreme Quality Sword and fully mod it with 3 Extreme mods.
Scientist?Kill 50 000 hostile creatures.
Final FormEquip every single weapon slot for Mr. Riggs with extreme variant gear.
Walk in the ParkVacation on Galatea 37 complete! Finish the campaign or the survival mode.
Forbidden KnowledgeComplete all research in one tech tree.
Book WormRead at least 75% of entries in the encyclopedia/bestiary.

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